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The jailbreak community has been given an early Christmas gift from Luca Todesco. The Italian developer has provided, unusually for him, a public jailbreak called Yalu Jailbreak. Normally, Todesco tends to tell us about a jailbreak he has built but won’t release it to the public but he has already told us jailbreaking is getting harder to do and says that we shouldn’t expect any more for the foreseeable future.

Image : Yalu Jailbreak Download Tutorial

Before you Jailbreak :

Before you jailbreak your device with Yalu, there are some things you need to be aware of .

  • Yalu is a beta jailbreak at the tie of writing this article and is going to be unstable. Todesco has advised that we shouldn’t be too quick to download it at the moment but, obviously, it is up to you
  • You need Cydia Impactor to sideload Yalu onto your iOS device. This is the same as the previous jailbreak, PPHelper and, to do it this way you will also need a valid Apple ID, free or a paid developers account
  • Yalu is semi-untethered, again the same as PPHelper and, as such will need to be reactivated when you reboot your iPhone or iPad

How to Download and Install Yalu Jailbreak :

  1. Download Yalu Jailbreak .ipa and Cydia Impactor onto your PC or Mac [ ext links ]
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and back the data up from your device. If you skip this step you are running a real risk of losing everything if the jailbreak goes wrong 
  3. Keeping your iOS device connected, open Cydia Impactor and wait for it to recognize your iPhone or iPad
  4. Now find the .ipa file and drag it to Cydia Impactor; drop it into the window 
  5. Input your Apple credentials and leave Cydia Impactor to sign the certificate and side load Yalu onto your device for you
  6. When the side loading is finished, disconnect your device and open Settings
  7. Tap on General > Device Management and then on Trust beside the side-loaded app 
  8. Come out of Settings and tap the mach_portal icon on your device home screen 
  9. Wait while the process is completed and your device resprings
  10. Now you should see Cydia on your home screen and you can go ahead and use the jailbreak. 

When you go into Cydia, search for and download Cydia Eraser [ext link]. This is an important tool for all jailbreakers as it will allow you to restore your device and delete Yalu jailbreak without restoring to a later iOS version. This means that, when the jailbreak is more stable, you can reinstall it.

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  1. I tried this and did all the steps but when I launched mach_portal and it rebooted my device, cydia never showed up. I am on ios 10.1.1

    1. Unless some new info was released that I don’t know about only 64bit devices will be compatible. Semi JB is more than likely your only option.

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