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Paid apps, for nothing. How does that sound ? vShare is a kind of app store that contains hundreds of apps and games for free, many of them paid versions. The best part is, you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device if you don’t want to and it doesn’t matter what version of the iOS firmware you are running – it will work on all of them.

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Not everyone wants to Taig Jailbreak their iOS devices because of the risks they perceive to be attached to it. Jailbreaking is actually perfectly safe provided you are careful about what you download and where you download it from. Even if you opt not to do it, you might still be wanting a piece of the action in terms of not having to pay for your apps.

How to Download and Install vShare – No Jailbreak :

No doubt some of you already know of AppCake, Install0us and AppSync but these all require you to jailbreak your device first. With vShare that isn’t necessary and the sheer amount of downloads the app gets is a testament to how popular it is.

Right now, although vShare [ext link] does contain paid apps for free and we really don’t condone piracy in any way there is a bit of a loophole here that makes it legal to download vShare – get your hands on it now, while you can:

  1. On your iOS device open Safari browser safari_ios_9
  2. Type vsharedownload.com into the address bar and go to it vshare_safari2 copy
  3. Look at the bottom of the screen when the page opens and you will see a large UP arrow. Tap on this vshare_safari2
  4. On the menu that appears, tap on Add to Home Screen vshare_safari3
  5. You will now be asked to rename the app to vShare . Tap on Add – top right of your screenvshare_safari1
  6. Close down Safari and you should see the vShare icon on your home screenvshare_safari0
  7. Tap to open it and enjoy the apps vshare_download_8 (2) 2

Video : The above steps explained step by step [ updated for iOS 9.3.3 ]

Error Messages :

While this should go smoothly, some people have come against error messages when they tap on download, the most common one being “cannot connect to ssl vShare.apvv.api”. Don’t panic, this is easy enough to get round:

  1. Shut Safari down completely close_safari_appswitcher_vshare
  2. Close down any apps you might have open
  3. Wait a minute and then follow the instructions above again , it should work now vshare_download_8 (3) 3


Download vShare with Jailbreak

To do this you will need to add a repository to Cydia, below we’ll show you how to do that:

  1. Jailbreak your iOS device using the latest jailbreak tools [ Check Taig Jailbreak Page ]
  2. Open Cydia and configure it for first use cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3
  3. Open Cydia again and tap on Manage >Sources >Edit > Add and type the following in the box – http://repo.appvv.org 
  4. Tap on Add Anyway on the warning message that appears and Cydia will add the new repository
  5. When complete you can go into the new repository and search for vShare. Tap to download it and enjoy unlimited access to all those paid apps for free.

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