Taig Jailbreak on Mac using Virtual Machine

When Pangu released their iOS 8.1 jailbreak, the community rejoiced but it only took one month for Apple to patch it with iOS 8.1.1, shutting down 3 of the exploits used by Pangu. However, after a relatively short wait, we now have a new jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1, released yesterday by a team called Taig. Update 1: Taig Jailbreak for Mac is out . Download Links available at the bottom of this article .

Image : Taig on Mac Jailbreak

taig jailbreak virtual machine

The jailbreak has been tested and works well but it is only available for Windows users so Mac owners will not be able to use the direct download method. However, as always, there is a way around these things and, while we wait for an official Mac version to be released, we do have a workaround for you.

How to Jailbreak Taig for Mac Users :

Update 2: No more hassle of installing emulator software. Just Download PP Jailbreak [ext link] for iOS 8 which natively supports jailbreaking on Mac OSX .

  1. First, you need to download Parallels Desktop [ trial.parallels.com ] , It is paid software but there is a Free Trial you can use for this purpose .  parallel 11 desktop
  2. Next, sign up to the Windows Insider Program [ insider.windows.com ] and then download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO . This option should also be available directly from Parallel . New Virtual Machine Wizard parallels
  3. On Parallel locate the Windows 10 ISO you downloaded and click on it
  4. Open Windows 10 Technical Preview virtual machine and install Windows 10 in your system as shown below . Dont worry , you can always delete from your system anytime .
  5. When that is done, create a user account
  6. You can now download Taig for Windows and install it taig 2.4.3
  7. Final step is to jailbreak your iOS device with Taig as explained here .

It is a bit of messing around but, at this stage, this is the only way for Mac owners to use Taig to jailbreak their iOS devices. We’ll let you know when the official tool is available for download but, in the meantime, let us know how you get on with this method and if you run across any problems.

Download :

Taig for Mac is now available . This is the first time Taig Team has released a Mac OSX version of their very successful tool . You can get all Taig downloads below .

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