At one time, the only way you could get the tweaks needed to modify your device was to install Cydia. One of the very best is called TweakBox. This gave you access to, quite literally, thousands of modifications, including themes, ringtones, wallpapers, and apps to modify the stock iOS apps and add new functionality. Recently, jailbreaks have become somewhat scarce and Cydia  has not been updated for some time, leaving the jailbreak community wondering what they are going to do. The good news is, developers have been hard at work and several app installers have been released to give us access to some of the Cydia features.

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What is TweakBox ?

It is a popular app installer that gives you free and fast access to many of the top Cydia tweaks without having to jailbreak your iOS device first. This is brilliant news, not just for those who can’t jailbreak at the moment but for those who don’t want to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. As well as a range of Cydia tweaks, TweakBox [ext link] is full of other content and there is bound to be something there for everyone.

TweakBox Features :

Obviously, the main feature with TweakBox is that you don’t need to install Cydia first but, on top of that, there are five different app categories for every user to choose from, including:

  • Flash – apps that can’t get into the app store
  • App Store – paid and premium content for free 
  • TweakBox – tons of Cydia tweaks, including screen recorders, media apps, and emulators
  • Tweaked – modified versions of some of your favorite stock apps, providing features to apps like SnapChat and Instagram that you can’t get anywhere else
  • Modified – hacked games, including cheats that give you access to unlimited coins, unlimited lives, and loads of other in-app bonuses that would normally cost you money

As well as all the content you could possibly want, TweakBox is incredibly easy to install and use. And, if you do try and can’t get on with it, you can delete it completely. However, although TweakBox is a good Cydia alternative, it isn’t going to give you as much detail as Cydia did. That said, you won’t find a better alternative anywhere else right now.

Other Useful Links :

Check out the linked articles below for instructions and download links to install TweakBox on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Will you use TweakBox or do you prefer to wait until Cydia is updated ? Let us know what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more of the latest news and updates.

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