Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned $9.2 Million in 2014

The last quarter of 2014 proved to be an extremely lucrative one for Apple, following the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the updated iPads, not mention the brand new 27” 5K Ultra HD iMac. The first few weeks of 2015 are following in those golden footsteps as sales of the new large screen iPhones continue to rise at a steady pace and, with the Apple Watch due for release soon, their path to riches isn’t about to stop anytime soon.

Image : Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned $9.2 Million in 2014

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An announcement that Millard Drexler, a Director of the board at Apple is to retire prompted the company to release a proxy statement that showed the earnings for a number of their key executives, starting with CEO Tim Cook himself. The statement showed 2014 earnings for several executives and it’s clear to see just how successful 2014 was for the Cupertino giants:

  • CEO Tim Cook earned $9.2 million – $1.7 million in salary, the rest in compensations
  • Head of retail Angela Ahrendts picked up $73 million – $400,000 in salary, $500,000 in bonus and the rest in other compensations, including stocks
  • Eddy Cue earned $24 million including stocks as dis Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Peter Oppenheimer, the former Chief Financial Officer earned $4.5 million including stocks
  • New Chief Financial Officer, Lucas Maestri, earned $14 million

So, if there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind about how well The Cupertino Company were really faring financially, these figures should show, beyond any doubt, just how successful things are.

The next big thing from Apple, their first brand new product category since before Steve Jobs died, is the Apple Watch and, although there are those who believe it won’t live up to all the hype that surrounds it, the company are still set to sell millions of them this year alone. Whether it will be the success they hope for or a bit of a damp squib remains to be seen but, with an expected release of March, we don’t have long to wait to find out.

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