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We haven’t heard much from Taig in recent months and many are beginning to wonder if we will be seeing a jailbreak in the near future or not.  Following the start of WWDC 2016, iOS 10 has been revealed and seeded to developers to start testing. That includes the Taig Jailbreak team who are likely to be focussing most of their attention on the iOS 10 download [ext link], to see what the jailbreak possibilities are, as well as looking at the new features in the firmware.

Image : Taig 10 Jailbreak

taig 10 jailbreak

iOS 10 jailbreak Release :

Not yet. First off, they can’t really release the iOS 10 jailbreak until the public version of the firmware is out in September. We know there have been jailbreaks before now but all they do is show Apple where the exploits are, letting them patch them in the next release. Second, Taig will be wanting to know if the rumors of “Rootless” are true. This is Apple’s new security system, designed to stop everybody, including those who have administrator privileges, from accessing certain parts of the iOS firmware.

Image : Taig iOS 10 Jailbreak Installer

taig ios 10 jailbreak

Depending on the depth of this, we could find that it will be more difficult than ever before to jailbreak and over the summer, Taig will be doing their best to find out how it affects the iOS 10 jailbreak and if there is any way around it. We have no doubt that, if there is a way, it will be found but don’t expect too much in the way of information from the jailbreak team. The only way to stop Apple from finding out about the exploits too early is for Taig to not talk about the possibility of being able to jailbreak iOS 10, giving them more chance to provide something for when the new firmware is finally released.

New Features :

In terms of new iOS 10 features, it is a little early to say right now. However, the jailbreak tweak developers will be sifting through the firmware looking for something to base their jailbreak tweaks on so provided the iOS 10 jailbreak is successful, we can expect to see a whole swathe of new tweaks. Some of the new features we are looking for could include:

  • Home App – designed to help users control their smart home appliances through their iPhone and iPad
  • Customization – we think apple are finally bowing to popular demand and are starting to allow iOS users to customize their devices, starting with the Control Center. Of course, the iOS 10 jailbreak will allow a whole heap more
  • Voicemail – Siri will be able to answer your calls and translate messages into text for you. The tweak developers will no doubt come up with some interesting takes on this for the iOS 10 jailbreak
  • Find My Friends – the app has received an update so it works better with iOS 10 and we will now have a race on our hands. Apple has submitted a patent to use a feature to allow users to find their friends and see if they are able to talk. No doubt the iOS 10 jailbreak developers will get in there first with something similar.

iOS 10 Support : 

As expected, Apple is dropping support for its oldest devices, namely the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. Neither device will be able to run iOS 10 simply because they don’t have the hardware abilities to do so. Of course, this also means that owners of these devices will not be able to take advantage of the iOS 10 jailbreak.

The next couple of months will be interesting ones as we find out exactly how far Apple is prepared to go to stop jailbreaking. Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our email newsletter for up to date news on the iOS 10 jailbreak.




  1. Sad to say but something tells me that there’s a good percentage of people care nothing about the jailbreak or the authors who have brought them to us. I’ve been reading through the comments for months now and the conclusion I have come up with it that a number of JB users want thier JB and they want it NOW! The common courtesy of understanding why they can’t have It is irrelevant because they didn’t bother to read it. They would rather whine and complain about something they have no idea about. That’s my complaint since most everybody else seems to have one. I’d like to thank Pangu and Taig personally,as well as all the people who contribute to the development of JB software. Currently I have no JB because the person who sold me the phone on eBay told me it had 9.3.3,but when I powered the iPhone 6 up it was actually 9.3.5 and I missed the downgrade window. Sometimes that’s just how events play out and I understand with patience I may get my jailbreak in due time.

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