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iOS 10 was pushed out to the public on September 13th and, as we have come to expect with major firmware releases, a few bugs have already shown up and been patched with two separate updates. Now iOS 10.1 download [ext link] has been seeded to developers in beta format and is expected to be released sometime in October. That leads us to question when the next jailbreak is going to be released by Taig team.

Image : Taig 10.1 Jailbreak


We already know that iOS 10 and iOS 10.0.1  jailbreak is possible; Luca Todesco has provided us with the proof of that.  You can see his video of an iPad and photograph of an iPhone 7 on his Twitter account under his handle of @qwertyoruiopz, both jailbroken on iOS 10 and iOS 10.0.1 respectively. However, iOS 10 has since been updated to iOS 10.0.2, no doubt patching the exploits that Todesco used but that doesn’t mean that Taig team won’t be able to do something for us. iOS 10.1, we are informed by Apple, is a big update containing a number of new features that complement and enhance the dual camera system that has made its debut on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Taig iOS 10.1 Jailbreak Update :

As the iPhone 7 Plus has proved to be one of the biggest selling devices in a long time, it’s a pretty sure bet that there will be a large number of users who will want the update. So, Taig team has to decide whether to produce an iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak or wait for iOS 10.1 to be released. As it is in beta, they will be checking it out and will know soon enough if it patches any vulnerabilities that they may have found in iOS 10 to iOS 10.0.2 or if there are any new ones that they may be able to use. Only then can they determine whether to build now or wait and give us an iOS 10.1 jailbreak.

Image : Taig 10.1 Installer


One thing that they will take into consideration is the number of users the jailbreak reaches; because iOS 10.1 is a big release, it is more likely that they will wait until they can reach the maximum number of users with their jailbreak. So folks, be a little more patient with Taig team because we are now unlikely to see anything until they can produce an iOS 10.1 jailbreak.

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