Taig 10.0.2

Taig team are one of the most prominent jailbreak teams we have ever had working on our behalf. Quick to produce iOS jailbreaks, they are also known to come up with a utility when others don’t or can’t for some reason, filling in the gaps nicely. So, now that iOS 10 is here, it is only natural that we should wonder if and when they are going to come up with a new jailbreak for us, especially as we already know that it can be done for iOS 10.

Image : Taig 10.0.2 Jailbreak Installer


Just a few short days after both iOS 10 and the first update, iOS 10.0.1, were released, Luca Todesco came up with a jailbreak for each one. Using his Twitter account to advertise what he has managed to do, Luca has produced a video that shows an iPad running on Cydia on iOS 10 [ext link] and a photograph that shows a brand new iPhone 7 in black running Cydia on iOS 10.0.1 Jailbroken. However, as usual, we will not be seeing either of these jailbreaks as he tends to keep them for himself, as his work is part of his research on mobile security.

Apple recently released iOS 10.0.2 download [ext link] and, although it was released as a bug fix for a number of issues, there is a good chance that the vulnerabilities used by Todesco have already been patched up. That means we are now turning our attention to iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak and that is what we believe Taig team will now be concentrating their efforts on.

Taig 10.0.2 Installer Release Date :

Quite apart from the fact that Apple is producing updates at quite a speed again, it is too early to expect anything from Taig. iOS 10 has only been out since September 13th and we typically have to wait at least a month before we see any signs of a jailbreak. Given that building a utility for millions of devices takes more than a few minutes, the best we can expect right now is to see an iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak from Taig team sometime in the near future. Don’t be put off by the silence of the team; Taig is not known for shouting from the rooftops while they work on a jailbreak simply because they prefer to keep their work under wraps until they are ready to release it.

Image : Taig 10.0.2 Installer in Progress


So, as soon as we have more news on the iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak from Taig team, we’ll let you know but, if you are running the PPHelper jailbreak on your iOS device, don’t update if you want to hang on to it. You can’t downgrade any further back than iOS 9.3.5 and that can’t be jailbroken.

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