Taig Stuck at 40% – Error Fix

The jailbreak community is moving ahead with a lightening speed as we continue receiving updates and new releases every now and then. This rage started from the TaiG team’s release of the iOS 8.3 jailbreak, and since then, we get something new everyday. And this time around, it is obviously the TaiG team who is making the roll, continuously.

Image : Taig 2.4.2 Download

taig 2.4.2 download

We have known the TaiG team to be hard-working and talented, but we have also observed from its activities that the team does care about the end users and works day and night to resolve the issues. We saw how TaiG fixed each and every error every time the TaiG tool showed some bugs. And here we have TaiG team again, and it has released yet another fix update for its tool.

For all those TaiG fans who were not able to jailbreak their iOS devices using previous versions of the TaiG tool due to progress stuck errors can now rejoice in peace, as the new TaiG 2.4.2 beta version has been released. The new update supports iOS 8.1.3 right up to iOS 8.4 and is a major update which fixes the error of jailbreak getting stuck at the 30% and 40% progress mark.

Image : Stuck Errors on Taig

taig stuck at 60 percent

Users will also be happy to know that Cydia 1.1.23, which was just released yesterday, has also been included into this latest release. This is a regular habit of the TaiG team and they always update their tool to keep up with the latest versions of the Cydia Installer. A good point for this version of Cydia is that this 1.1.23 version is a major update and enables the users to discover new tweaks for the apps installed in their iOS device and also downgrade the packages back to the older versions to make them more stable and less buggy. Also, Cydia now works as mobile and not as root, which means that now Cydia itself can be modified too and we won’t be surprised if the Cydia-specific tweaks start pouring in soon.

Image : Cydia Installer 1.1.23


Prior to the release of TaiG 2.4.2 beta, many users had reported that when they tried to jailbreak their iOS devices using the TaiG tool, they were unable to do so as the jailbreak process was always getting stuck at either 30% or the 40% progress mark. This made it impossible for those users to jailbreak. This error has been there right from the release of TaiG 2.0 for iOS 8.3, but TaiG has finally managed to get rid of this annoying problem.

Change log for TaiG 2.4.2 beta :

The latest 1.1.23 version of Cydia has been integrated.
Jailbreak getting stuck at 30% and 40% has been fixed.
If you were facing the same problem and your jailbreak process was not moving forward from the 40% or 30% mark, then you can try this 2.4.2 beta version.

Sadly enough, we hope every time that a Mac support will be provided, but the tool is still Windows-only. Also, the error of jailbreak getting stuck at 20% mark is still persistent. Though many users were able to fix this issue by downgrading to version 12.0.1 of iTunes, we expect a fix for this soon from TaiG.

Download :

In case you haven’t been able to jailbreak your iOS device yet, you should do it right away by downloading the TaiG 2.4.2 beta jailbreak tool from this link. Though, remember that this is a beta version and might be buggy. So use this version only if none of the previous versions of TaiG worked for you.

Mac users can download PP Jailbreak for 8.4 jailbreaking on Mac .

How to Install Taig 2.4.1 :

Here is our step by step tutorial to and install jailbreak using Taig 2.4.2 . Works on windows only .

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