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All heaven has broken loose ! The iOS jailbreak community has seen an uproar as the TaiG Team have just released their iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak tool. Everyone is rushing to install the much-awaited jailbreak on their iOS 8.3 devices. But unfortunately, not everything seems to be alright with this just released jailbreak. The tool starts normally and seems okay enough to be working. But as soon as it quickly starts the jailbreak process, it gets stuck strangely at 20% progress mark! Great! [ Sarcasm ]. We have waited months for a jailbreak and this error shows up. Irritating, isn’t it ?

Image : Taig 8.3 Stuck at 20% Percent


Fixing 20% Stuck Error Taig :

Some of the things that we tried to make the jailbreak work were :

  • Jailbreaking the device on a PC running x64 Windows version.
  • The same process again on a PC running x86 Windows version.
  • Retried it on Windows 7.
  • Again did the same on Windows 10.
  • Restored the iOS device to a clean fresh install of iOS 8.3.
  • Waited on the error screen and let the 20% error be as it is until the error time-out came up.

After the device is stuck on the 20% mark, it stays so for a few minutes and then reboots. The progress will be stuck at the same 20% and the device will reboot continuously, thus going into the same loop again and again. Most of the users are experiencing this issue and forums are filled with irritating comments from jailbreak fans.

After the device keeps rebooting, you will receive an error message after a few restarts stating that the “Jailbreak has Failed”. The error shows the following message :


Please don’t worry. Click the button below for “Solutions” (-1101).  But even after you click the “Solutions” button, nothing actually happens and a web page comes up which features no solution at all to this -1101 error.

Many users are claiming that they were able to successfully jailbreak their devices by downgrading their iTunes version. Our systems were running the latest version of the iTunes when we tried jailbreaking, so we are going to try this method too and we will downgrade to iTunes 12.0.1  to see if this technique really works.

Meanwhile, here are some other possible errors and the possible solutions for them that you can try to make the jailbreak work and to get ahead of the irritating 20% error.

Before you Start Troubleshooting :

  1. Make sure iTunes is at version 12.0.1 . If not , Downgrade iTunes [ext link].
  2. Make sure that your iOS device is at iOS 8.1.3 – iOS 8.3
  3. Make sure icloud and your passcode/touch id is off
  4. Make sure you don’t have any anti-virus programs targeting the app (I had that happen to me with this) disable anti virus
  5. Make sure that your running the app as an administrator program (to do that, right click the program and press “Run as Administrator”) taig administrator mode
  6. Make sure you didn’t do the OTA (over the air) upgrade through your settings. If you do, back up your data, put your idevice in DFU mode, and format the device through itunes
  7. Have your iOS device in airplane mode . airplane mode 2

Possible Solutions [Solved] :

  1. Update : Try downgrading your iTunes 12.1.0 [Download Here 32bit | 64bit]  iTunes-downgrade-830x1024
  2. [ -1001 device disconnected ] : This error means that your iOS device was unplugged from the computer while the jailbreak process was going on. To avoid this, do not disturb your device and keep it plugged in until the jailbreak is completed. Also, to avoid disconnections due to cable damage issues, use only certified and working cables.
  3. [ -1002 device with Passcode on ] : This error means that the passcode on your iOS device is turned on. It must be turned off before going ahead with the jailbreak. To turn it off, browse to ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Passcode’.
  4. [ -1003 program data corrupted ] : If this error shows up, then go to www.taig.com and download the jailbreak tool again. Make sure that your internet connection is good and running well.
  5. [ -1004 Three conditions of jailbreak failure ] : This error means that your computer caused this error. If it persists, please try the tool on another PC or Mac. If the progress gets stuck at 40%, then open the task manager and see if the background programs are hogging up the CPU resources. If yes, then reboot your computer to clear the memory or close the unimportant background programs manually. Also, try plugging in the device in another USB port in the computer and also try using a different cable if possible.
  6. [ -1105 it may be caused by antivirus software ] : If the tool is stuck at 50% progress, then it is possible that your antivirus may have caused it. Turn the antivirus off and try again.
  7. [ -1005 Find My iPhone turned on ] : Turn off the ‘Find My Phone’ feature by browsing to ‘iCloud’ in ‘Settings’.
  8. [ -1006 jailbroken device ] : This error will show up if your device has already been jailbroken.
  9. [ -1007 device not activated ] : This error will show up if your device it not activated. Activate it and try again.

We will keep this post updated as we gather more reliable and working methods to fix this issue. So stay tuned to our website. Keep yourself updated by Subscribing to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.




  1. I have another “error”

    I get to the “restart successful continue to jailbreak”, then my phone vibrates and i get the “-1001” error. I get the popup alert on my computer, saying my device has been connected. I guess the problem lies there? How do I keep my phone connected and wont reconnect during the restart..?

  2. It worked for me guys, kept restarting at 20% but just be patient. It will work. Used Win 8, iPhone 6 8.3. Itunes 12.1.0. Goodluck

  3. I have successfully jailbroken to ios 8.3. But most of the apps in cydia still don’t support. I think should hold on the jailbreak until most the apps are supported by cydia.

  4. After I encounter error 1101 and downgraded my itunes to 12.0, TaiG was able to successfully jailbreak my ipad 2 to 100% , however, to my surprise, there was no cydia icon in my ipad. I tried to re-jailbreak my ipad, but TaiG went back stucked to 20%. Help please?

  5. Okay, so after hours of trying all the steps on this, I finally got it to work. Basically I started off with a fresh restore of ios 8.3 and completely downgraded to iTunes 12.0.1, here’s the catch though, you can’t just uninstall your newer version of iTunes and install the older version. You’ll need to do a few more steps to completely do it. Here’s the video on how to do so I hope this helps you guys out.

  6. I kept getting stuck at 20% with error codes 1101 and 1102 and my Iphone 6 rebooting everytime, here’s what worked for me and may work for you guys as well:

    1. Keep your device connected to your PC at all times and have Itunes running and recognizing your Iphone
    2. Patiently wait for all the reboots to happen(3 or 4) until the TaiG jailbreak tool gives you the error message.
    3. DO NOT close the TaiG jailbreak tool, it will refresh back to the first page (where you can check/uncheck cydia etc)
    4. Run the jailbreak again and let the tool do its thing.

    Tadaaaa, your device is jailbroken!

    Hope this helps at least a few of you out. Good luck.

    Iphone 6
    iOS 8.3
    TaiG 2.1.2

  7. Tanks a lot lan-di. Ur method worked for me. Just keep itunes running in the backgroundwith ur idevice connected And start the jailbreak. It should do the trick on the first try itself. Good luck guys

  8. [ -1105 it may be caused by antivirus software ] It keeping giving me this message on 60% progress and I don’t have any anti virus programs..

    please help..,

  9. Turning my device on airplane mode seemed to do the trick. I have no idea why but it worked perfectly after many unsuccessful tries before. Hope this works for you guys, too.


  10. I keep getting stuck on error 1105 despite having no 3rd party antivirus and having disabled Windows Defender. Oh, if only the program could be more specific and tell me what’s happening…

  11. i got the error -1102 and i was stuck at 30% but unfortunately i had close out of the taig box and im now restoring my phone back to ios 8.4 through itunes 12.0.1 is there anything tht i should to jailbreak it i need to start all over

  12. A fix to Error 1007 when it says phone is not activated. All you have to do is reset your network settings in settings. Easy fix!

  13. I tried everything on this website and still stuck at 20 percent.

    I tried with 2 iPad mini one worked and the other one never worked.

    Please help
    iOS 8.4
    iTunes 12.1.0
    Jailbreak 2.4.3

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