Semi Jailbreak – Stay Away Its Fake

On Monday March 27 TaiG Team is hosting a Mobile Security Summit in Beijing, China, which will focus to a certain extent on jailbreaking. There is some speculation that you may use the event to release, or at least announce a jailbreak for sS 8.2. As we should all be aware by now, there is no jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2 but, despite that, some people are still being tricked into downloading what they believe is a valid jailbreak. The latest one is called Semi-Jailbreak and is reported to be from Pangu, the team responsible for the first iOS 8 jailbreak.

Image : Semi Jailbreak 8.2 is a Scam

semi jailbreak 8.2

Fake jailbreaks are damaging to the community because it makes people wary of any jailbreak, genuine or otherwise. Installing a fake jailbreak only results in the collection of and possible selling of your data or infection through malware and viruses. Check out here how to spot a fake jailbreak. But, what about Semi-Jailbreak? It comes from Pangu so it must be real, right ?

Wrong. There is no official working jailbreak for any firmware above iOS 8.1.2. Should you choose to click on any links that purportedly lead you to this jailbreak, you must do so at your own risk. The link will not take you to the genuine Pangu site and will not give you a jailbreak. If you download the apparently jailbreak, all you are doing is passing your data and personal information to an external server and you have fallen foul of the latest scam.  If you have already followed the links and downloaded said jailbreak, one way to check if the owners of the fake have installed permanent profiles on your device is to open Settings>General>Profiles. If there is no section called Profiles then you are safe; if there is, you need to uninstall it ASAP.

To recap; there is no jailbreak after iOS 8.1.2 and we do not expect there to be one until after the Mobile Security Summit next week at the earliest. The latest firmware supported by Pangu is iOS 8.1 and Taig or PP go up to iOS 8.1.2. If you see any jailbreaks that purport to be for iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2, avoid them; they are fake. We will report to you when a genuine jailbreak is available, until then, stay safe.

Did you get caught by the Semi-Jailbreak utility ?

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  1. Unfortunately i installed said scam, saw it asking for donation and uninstalled it right then. how much should I be worried? Do I need to backup?

  2. I installed AND “donated” 5 bucks (which, principally, hurt my pride rather than my actual wallet). I’m updating to 8.3, but I’m afraid I need to do someting more: can they steal from my bank account using Paypal?

    1. To sum more info: I’ll downgrade again to 8.2 as soon as I get 8.3. It’s just a silly thing I do… Not sillier than falling right into the scam :/

  3. I too fell for the scam, do I need to restore my device now. I deleted the profile under settings and changed my PayPal passwords????

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