Is Jailbreaking with TaiG Safe ?

iOS 8 is moving along at a fair rate, with updates coming along on a regular basis. The last one, iOS 8.1.2, was released to fix a few minor bugs and bring improvements to the speed and performance of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. While it isn’t anything too special, the biggest fear was that it would patch the Taig jailbreak, which, luckily for users, it didn’t.

Image : Taig Jailbreak Safe of Not

taig_jailbreak safe download

Taig responded almost immediately with an update to their jailbreak utility to support the attest firmware, making it the only firmware that can be jailbroken all the way through. But, with iOS 8.1.3 in sight and iOS 8.2 expected to be released in the near future, just how safe is it to use taig to jailbreak?

The short answer to that is exceedingly safe. Taig are confident of being able to provide jailbreaks for future versions of the firmware and the current one was subjected to rigorous testing by respected developers. The result of those tests showed that Taig was perfectly safe, very stable and one of the easiest jailbreaks to install. Understandably, when Taig first appeared, shortly after iOS 8.1.1 patched the Pangu jailbreak, users were wary of it. Not only was it completely out of the blue but, the last time we heard the name Taig, it was associated with a Chinese app store known for dealing in piracy that was bundled with Evasi0n 7 jailbreak in 2013.

Image : Taig Jailbreak in Progress

complete taig jailbreak

However, all those fears have been put to bed and, provided you follow the guidelines for installing the jailbreak correctly, you will not experience any issues, safety or otherwise. Taig is only available for Windows but there is a Mac workaround for now.

Do you have any safety concerns about Taig ?

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  1. Sometimes my ipad mini stock can no longer scroll. Is this associated with the taig jailbreak? When i remove all that was uploaded using jailbreak my ipad go smooth and no longer experiencing problems. Is there any remedy to fix this?

  2. Everyone dealing with crashes and safe mode, install CrashReporter from Cydia.
    It’s a great tool that logs crashes and tries to figure out the cause.

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