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2016 has turned out to be very exciting and particularly busy so far. First released was the iOS 9, nullifying all the previous jailbreaks. It was then followed by the release of iOS 9.1. The TaiG team had managed to release a jailbreak for iOS 9.1 Then came iOS 9.3.3 and stayed unjailbroken for a long time. And then came the news everyone was waiting for. There was finally a iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak brought by the TaiG Team.

Image : Taig Jailbreak ready Cydia Repo 2016

cydia repo taig

Meanwhile Semaphore, developer of TinyUmbrella, has released TinyUmbrella again, now providing support for iOS 9. It is still in a beta form and can be used only for saving SHSH blogs as of now, but the downgrading ability will surely get added soon.

The next-gen iOS 10 firmware will be released in September and the TaiG jailbreak for it will surely follow closely behind, so we think we should note down the Cydia repo’s which will be supported in the new firmware. These sources need to be added manually, but that is a quite simple task.

Steps to Add a Repo in iOS 9.3.3 Cydia

  1. Launch Cydia ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10
  2. Select Sourcescydia ios 9 source add
  3. Then tap Editcyda_ios_9_repo_source2
  4. Now select Add cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  5. Fill in the URL of the source (listed below) cyda_ios_9_repo_source4
  6. Select Add Source. Done ! bigboss_repo_add3

Video : Step by Step Guide of the above steps

Cydia Repos Ready for iOS 9 :

  1. HASHBANG Productions – URL –

Houses a lot of useful tweaks, like Tap to Unlock and ScreenFade.

  1. Karen’s Pineapple – URL –

In case you love old video games like those from PS1 and Nintendo, then this repo provides you with a lot of emulators to run those games.

  1. Lux – URL –

Here you will find F.Lux, a famous tweak which allows you to control and the screen brightness iPhone or iPad, reducing the strain that is felt on your eyes.

  1. TeamXBMC – URL –

The XBMC is the most famous media-playing center which gives you a lot of different options regarding media content.

  1. BiteSMS Beta – URL –

Want to make more use of your Message app? This repo houses the BiteSMS app which is way better than the stock iOS Messages.

  1. iCleaner Pro – URL –

The iCleaner app helps you clear up the junk files, bad files, duplicates, cache, etc. on your iOS device. This results in more free space,w

  1. Ryan Petrich – URL –

Ryan Petrich is a famous developer and constantly brings out new tweaks while he keeps updating his older ones. BrowserChooser and Activator are some of the popular ones.

  1. Couria Beta – URL –

If you don’t want the full benefits of BiteSMS, then try Couria. It contains some of the popular features of BiteSMS, such as Quick Reply.

  1. iLEX RAT – URL – http://cydia.myrepospace/iLEXiNFO

This is an advanced repo meant for the experienced and power users.

  1. CoolStar – URL –

This one too is meant for advanced users and includes a lot of tweaks for the command line.

  1. Forty Six & Two – URL –

Not a popular repo, yet has some really useful tweaks such as the Alarmy and JellyLockClock.

  1. ParrotGeek – URL –

The Siri Old Voice and Adrenaline tweaks live here.

  1. Coke Pokes – URL –

Less popular, but with useful tweaks such as AirBlueEnabler.

  1. Apple Watch UI – URL –

What if you get an iPhone UI which resembles the Watch? Get it here.

  1. KuaiDial – URL –

Want to change the appearance of the Dialer App ? Try KuaiDial.

The list will be updated as soon as we get to know of other supported apps. Stay tuned to the news by subscribing to our Newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.




  1. http:// cydia.myrepospace/iLEXiNFO (Verification error) and http:// (Did not find Repository) not able to install in ios 8.4 ipad air

  2. http://

    These two sources above not installing,

    “Did not Find Repository” “the indicated repository could not be found.This could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository.(these are not supported).Also,this interface is only capable of working with exact repository URLs.

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