How to Remove Taig Jailbreak from iPhone

Just over 2 weeks ago, Taig released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9 and has since updated it to support iOS 9.0.2, released just a couple of days ago. The jailbreak came out of the blue because, after Apple patched the Pangu jailbreak with iOS 9, no one expected to see another one until iOS 9.2 was released .

Image : Delete TaiG Jailbreak from iOS 8

delete taig jailbreak

Because the jailbreak came from an unknown source, it was thoroughly tested and inspected by well-known developers and declared safe to use. It was also declared to be one of the most stable jailbreaks ever with few people experiencing any major issues after downloading it. The biggest bugbear with the utility now is that it only works on windows-based computers although a Mac version is being worked on as we speak. There is a workaround for Mac owners though and, if you haven’t yet installed the jailbreak, you can do so using these tutorials:

If you have installed it and for some reason decide that you want to remove it, there is a straightforward way to do it.

How to Remove Taig Jailbreak

  1. Download the iOS 9.x.x IPSW for your device . Use the latest version at that time .
  2. Using your USB cable, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer and launch iTunes itunes device summary
  3. Hold down the SHIFT key if you use Windows or OPTION key if your use a Mac and click on RESTORE in the device summary page in iTunes itunes restore
  4. Locate the IPSW you downloaded and click it ios 9 ipsw
  5. Agree to the restore and iTunes will do the work, removing the Taig jailbreak and all your jailbreak tweaks and modifications restore in progress
  6. When your iOS device reboots it will be running an unjailbroken version of iOS latest version that you have selected at the time of installation.

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  1. Previously having the Pangu JB 8.1.0 and wanting to upgrade to the TaiG 8.1.2, I performed a backup. restored my i6 Plus and upgraded to 8.1.2. Installed the TaiG JB and went to use the backup I just created and iTunes said corrupt backup. I lost all pictures, my calendar and most contacts. Has anyone else experienced this issue of a corrupt backup, and can I prevent this in the future?



  2. Used taig to jailbreak 8.1.2 which it did but it froze when I went into ITunes and selected my iphone 5, I couldn’t do anything with it and I can’t restore it so I’m a bit stuck as to what to do, Help needed I think

  3. I also lost all my contacts. I don’t normally store pictures, so hadn’t even worried about that but I did loose those also. Now my music did all come back on a later sync. But the contacts are gone down to the very last one.As of yet I haven’t found a way to recover them at all.
    Anybody else find a way to recover contacts after the JB?

    1. if u managed to save your contacts to icloud before u jailbreak the device than after restoring it your can sync your contacts again from icloud if not , your outlook account should sync your contacts if you add the same outlook account the previously synced contacts will automatically be synced again

  4. I restored my iphone 5 and jailboke it again using taig jailbreak and this time it worked, the only thing is in ifile you can’t move things around and can’t find stuff and Itransmission doesn’t work either, so I think it’s pretty pointless jailbreaking it if it’s not all working, to me it’s very unstable

  5. I concur. The jailbreak worked for me too on 8.1.2. However, it is very glitchy, very few of my jailbreak tweeks work with 8.1.2, and most importantly my email would not open. I’m restoring back to factory now and will wait. Not sure what I’ll do in future as far as re-jailbreaking. It is very hard to keep up so that your tweaks work, but not get too far behind either. Almost easier to just stay standard. If Apple would keep adding these jailbreak proven tools and tweaks, we’d all be better off.

  6. I restored my iPhone 4 because Taig deleted my messaging, pictures, settings and all my preinstalled apps. I couldn’t click anything by there was nothing there that was visible some of my apps were there but I couldn’t see them

    1. i cant say how much this annoyed me. the exact same happened to me. my friend tried jailbreaking my i6 without telling me and now all i was left with was a frozen homescreen that i coud not swipe, removed preinstalled apps, my flashlight, and siri. i immediately freaked out, found this website, and automatically downloaded the ios version and restored my precious phone. never will i jeailbreak any idevice!!

  7. I jail breaked my iphone 5s nd it was successful but the apps in my iphone gets crashedevery time i try to open them…so I am going to remove this tiag jailbreak.. :(

  8. I jailbroke my ipad 2 with an ios 8.1.2 but after the process all of my apps got hidden. I can see them through search but icons are gone. I can’t find cydia either. need help….

  9. With all the negative comments I figured I should be the one person to say I ran it on my ipad mini (1) with 8.1.2 with absolutely no issues at all afterwards.

    1. Lucky you, I’m trying to run movie box and overtime i try and do anything on it, it freezes and crashes. So I’m thinking i going un-install the jailbreak and just restore it

  10. i lost everything after trying jailbreaking my iphone 4s, i lost the apps for my messaging, the photos, calendar, i can’t even call my phone anymore. its useless. need help on how to revert everything back to normal

  11. Only issues I have been having after taig jb is battery issues phone been jb for 2 months and battery has decreased greatly, I turned off wifi and data and it still drops down fast phone is only 5 months old

  12. If your contacts are gone and you have a SIM card installed, go to settings. Then go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Find the import sim contacts. All your contacts should be back!

  13. sir i try to reset my phone using normal… and i stuck with the apple logo in power on i cant overcome with this and tell me a solution to get in iphone 5s 8.1.2

  14. I jailbroke my iphone 6 on ios 8.1.2 about 3 weeks ago. 2 days ago when i was tryin to use xmodgames , for some reason it wouldnt load. I tried leaving the app and it wouldnt let me or it would take along time. The last time i tried it it glitched out . I then went to cydia deleted the app and then cydia crashed and my phone then reset and deleted the cydia app

  15. that happened to me!!! I have no text, calls, notes, music, photos, App Store and more, so even though I don’t have App Store I used spotlight search to download drop box and save photos and all my music is on iTunes I just don’t know what to do next, what do I say to Apple so they can fix it????? I’m so annoyed

  16. I had to remove my jailbreak because none of my apps would open.
    I am waiting to see if this works but i doubt it.Is there another way to fix my apps??????????

  17. I want to remove because I think there’s a spyware in my jailbreaked phone, cuz I see suspicious thing like spymosservices and battery runs out very quickly, anyone please advice me what to do? Help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

  18. After doing jai break
    My phone doesn’t connect with iTunes or Ifunbox
    But it shows in my computer folder
    Plz hekp

  19. I decided to remove the jailbreak cuz it
    -- made my ipad slow
    -- tweaks didn’t work
    -- it made my apps crash
    -- it showed wrong battery percent and wifi connection.

  20. justa want to say that it work to get it of my phone but it is a drama and evrything is messed up because of this. I will stick tooriginal IOS and no jailbrake :)

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