Taig Jailbreak Stolen by PP Jailbreak

TaiG has already become the favourite iOS hacker team around the world by releasing the jailbreaks for iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.3, and iOS 8.4. The team has proved its mettle in jailbreaking and has left no stone unturned to provide the users with the jailbreaks of the latest public firmware releases. A few days back, before the launch of the iOS 8.4, TaiG released its not-at-all anticipated TaiG 2.0 jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. Though the initial version had some niggles, the team wasted no time and rolled out all the updates which made the TaiG tool a perfect jailbreak for iOS 9. Then came the official release of iOS 8.4 along with the much-awaited Apple Music and Beats 1, and it was not even a few hours later that TaiG launched the TaiG 2.2.0 jailbreak for the fresh firmware.

Image : Taig Jailbreakers Fire on PP Jailbreak Team

taig 8.4 pp jailbreak

But all has not gone well with the team, as it was technically not the only one to release the jailbreak. 25 PP, popularly known as PP Assistant, had rolled out an PP iOS 8.3 – iOS 8.4 jailbreak, but it only turned out to be a TaiG clone. The TaiG team was obviously shocked at this direct plagiarism and the worldwide jailbreak users too supported the TaiG tool, as it was more trustworthy. And what was more shocking that PP continued its copying behaviour when it rolled out the PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 just before TaiG could release their iOS 8.4 version of the TaiG tool. As expected, this PP tool was again the TaiG clone with just a few support updates for iOS 8.4. This left the TaiG team fuming and it decided to open fire on PP for infringing upon its copyrights.


In their upfront notice, TaiG stated that the TaiG jailbreak tool has supported untethered jailbreaks from beginning on all the beta versions of iOS 8.4 . As Apple had not patched TaiG’s exploit and the iOS 8.4 public release was just a week ahead, TaiG decided to wait for that release so that they could provide an excellent jailbreak for all the global users.

Tweet : Taig Team tweets about the stolen jailbreak [Twitter Link]

pp jailbreak 8.4 taig

But the shocking element to TaiG, as stated by them, was that the PP Team directly used the TaiG tool and reverse engineered it on kernel level to come out with their version of the untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.4  .

However, what shocked us is that PP Assistant (hereinafter referred to as PP) team has reverse engineered TaiG Jailbreak Tool in kernel level by using TaiG’s exploit and modified the TaiG tool’s interface to release their PP Jailbreak Tool for iOS 8.4.

Image : PP Jailbreak Interface for iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.3 [Image Credits – PPJailbreak.org]

pp jailbreak 8.41

TaiG insisted that this was a serious infringement of its copyright. TaiG went ahead to state that this was the second time that PP had stolen TaiG’s exploit since the release of TaiG tool in November, 2014 for iOS 8.1.1. TaiG finally gave PP a strong blow that it strongly condemned the unfair and illegal competition displayed by PP and has the right to sue the PP Team legally.

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TaiG declared in its notice that it represent the geek spirit as the leading jailbreak team in the world and the acts of PP have violated the pure spirit along with the legitimate rights of TaiG. TaiG, in the last paragraph of its notice, made a suspicious statement that before PP plagiarized their tool, the TaiG Team’s internet was accurately attacked a lot of times and was shut off too while the team was working on the final aspects of their tool. The source of the attacks is still being traced.

TaiG finally concluded its announcement by indirectly asking its supporters to protect the pure spirit of jailbreaking by condemning PP Assistant.

Source : Taig

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