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With jailbreaks in such short supply at the moment, the jailbreak community has started looking for alternative ways to get their favorite apps and tweaks. A series of app installers has been released and, until now, one of the top ones was called AppEven.  Packed with tweaks and modified apps, as well as loads of other content, it is a pretty comprehensive installer but now there’s a rival and it’s called Panda Helper. It doesn’t require a jailbreak and it works on all iOS devices, offering unfettered access to millions of apps, tweaks, and games.

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What is Panda Helper ?

Panda Helper [ext link] is an unofficial app store, a third-party installer that provides tons of apps and games, including paid content from the app store, all free. There are a few of the best Cydia tweaks, loads of modified ++ apps and loads more. It needs no jailbreak to work, its completely free and anybody can use it. Here are some of the best features:

Panda Helper Features :

  • Easy to download
  • User-friendly interface, very simple to use
  • Looks much like the iOS app store 
  • No jailbreak needed 
  • Full support for all iOS versions and devices
  • A huge choice of paid apps for free
  • Cydia tweaks and modified apps like Snapchat++ and Instagram++ 
  • Updated daily with new apps and games
  • Notifications to tell you when there is an update to an app or game you are using
  • All updates available through Panda Helper
  • Works on Android 
  • Plenty more features

How to Download Panda Helper :

Downloading Panda Helper is very easy, but it isn’t something you can get from the app store; Apple isn’t too keen on this type of content. We’ve made things easy for you though by drawing up a full step by step tutorial which you will find at the link below. You will also find instructions to delete Panda Helper if you can’t get on with it:

Like all the other third-party installers released, Panda Helper is not designed to be a complete replacement for Cydia. Many of the Cydia apps rely on the jailbreaks themselves to work and it isn’t possible for non-jailbreak reliant apps to work the same way. That said, Panda Helper is proving to be a very popular choice of alternative, given the sheer number of apps and games that it contains. Unlike most installers, Panda Helper has two options – a free version and a paid version. While the paid version offers a little more in the way of features, the free one should suffice perfectly well for most users. It does, after all, contain all the modified apps you could want and the Cydia tweaks.

We are not expecting the jailbreak situation to change any time soon, so Panda Helper is possibly the best option we have right now. It’s worth trying, given that its free and doesn’t need a jailbreak so try it today and tell us what you think of it. For more details and information, you can follow us on Facebook.

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