Not so long back, we were installing all sorts of third-party apps, including jailbreaks, straight to our iOS devices without any trouble at all. Those days are gone and now we need to use Cydia Impactor to sideload these apps and jailbreaks, like Yalu jailbreak, onto our devices. Not only that, because there are so few jailbreaks about, we are now using App installers, like AppValley, TweakBox [ext link] and vShare more often to get some of our Cydia tweaks back.  When we use these installers or Cydia Impactor, we are installing apps that Apple has not signed, and this leads to a problem that all users will experience – Apple will revoke the app certificates within 7 days of you installing them. The only way to get it back is to reinstall the app and then the certificate will be revoked again.

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This is beyond irritating for those of us who just want to settle down with our jailbreaks and apps and use them without having to keep on reinstalling them. The good news is that there is help at hand, in the form of NessTool. This is a small tool that works on all these third-party app certificates, stopping them from being revoked by Apple. It works like Anti Revoke does on TutuApp [ext link] to block the certificates and it also works on ++ modified apps, like Snapchat++ and Pokémon Go++.

How Does NessTool Work ?

When you install NessTool [ext link] on your device, you will be asked for permission to install a VPN configuration. You must accept this as otherwise, NessTool will not work. Once fully installed, a VPN will be on your iPhone or iPad and it will work in the background, takes up little resources and doesn’t cause any issues with any other operations on your device.

As soon as Apple attempts to verify an app certificate, the VPN will block it, thus stopping them from revoking the certificate and causing your app to crash. This means you no longer have to keep reinstalling and you can carry on using your apps forever more if you want. If you are concerned, you can find out safe NessTool is by checking out our guide on how a VPN works.

Are you going to install NessTool ? Do note that you need to have all the apps you want on your device before installing it as it only works on current apps. If you want to save your sanity, install NessTool and then tell us what you think of it. Follow us on Facebook for a guide on how to download NessTool.

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