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With iOS 10 looming on the horizon, it would appear that perhaps Apple is not paying as much attention to their current operating system as they perhaps should be. iOS 9.3.2 is causing a very serious problem for some owners of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. The public forums and social media are alight with complaints that the update has bricked their devices, rendering them unusable – and it appears that Apple is not yet prepared to make a public acknowledgement of the problem and has taken down the update from their site.

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The users who have been affected have attempted to update their device using the OTA method and have been presented with an Error 56 message, telling them to connect to iTunes to solve the issue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there because, on connecting their iPads to iTunes, they have been placed into a never-ending boot loop, effectively bricking their iPads.

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Although not all owners of this particular iPad have been affected, there are sufficient complaints to show that this is not a small problem. It also isn’t the first time that the iPhone or iPad has had this problem – apple actually has a support page dedicated to the Error 56 issue [links below], advising users to “check for hardware issues”. They also give some advice on how to try and fix the problem, although, in all fairness, if your iPad has already been bricked, this isn’t going to help you very much:

Steps to Fixing iTunes Error 56

  • Before you do anything else, make sure that you are on the latest version of iTunes, currently v12.4. If not, make sure you update straight away itunes update mac
  • The next thing to do is make sure that, if you are using third-party security software, it isn’t interfering with the update and causing the problem antivirus disable
  • Make sure you are using the genuine cable that came with your iPad and make sure it is working properly ipad_lightning_cable_connector
  • If all of that is OK, Apple then says you should try updating OTA twice more. If you get the Error 56 message on both occasions, then you should contact Apple Support for help. ota ios 9

Apple is yet to acknowledge the problem officially, even though it is clear that some people are losing their iPads through it. However, the more people who complain about it across the public forums and social media sites, the more pressure will be on the Cupertino company to do something about it.

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    1. I’m saying the exact same thing no talk or if they have stopped trying to jail break the firmware. I don’t think they will ever come out with another jail break.

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