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With iOS 10 and MacOS 10.12 Sierra now released in beta format, there are a lot of people rushing to download them to test them out and see what coming in September. Right now, the iOS 10 beta [ext link] formats are only available to people who have paid their official Apple Developer’s fee but there are a couple more ways to get the beta releases. You can wait until July when Apple opens the public beta program but, by then, there will more than likely be another beta out. Or, you can check out our special offer on UDID Registration [ext link] and get access to all the betas for the next 12 months for just $10 per device.

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As with every beta that is released, sometimes they take a little bit of pushing and prodding to get them on their devices, particularly with the iOS betas, which always seem to be a little troublesome. Many developers have downloaded iOS 10 beta 1 with no trouble but, as usual, a handful are coming up against issues.  The easiest way, by far, is to download the update OTA (over-the-air), which involves installing a profile that lets the Servers at Apple know the device is registered for beta software. However, while this may be the easiest way, there are those who prefer to go down the old route using iTunes.

Some users who have tried it this way have come up against the brick wall of iTunes Error 14. Once this message appears, iTunes will stop in its tracks and the download will stop. This leaves the user stuck with a device that will do nothing, not even boot up stuck somewhere between iOS 9 and iOS 10. As it happens, this is not a difficult problem to fix.

If, when you attempted to download the beta, you actually read the release notes that came with iOS 10 beta 1, you will probably already know exactly what is wrong. If you didn’t then you won’t know that, to use the iTunes restore method and the iOS 10 beta 1 IPSW files, you also need to have the very latest beta version of Xcode installed as well – Xcode 8.

xcode 8

How to Get Xcode 8 :

  1. Head over to the Apple Developer Portal [ext link]
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID
  3. Go to the Download Center
  4. Download Xcode 8

The download is a massive 6 GB so be prepared to wait a while for it to install but once it done, you an update to the iOS 10 beta without any trouble at all.

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