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For so long, Apple has promised that they will stop jailbreaking and it looks very much like they may be keeping to that promise. Since iOS 10, the only real jailbreak we have seen is called Yalu, released by Luca Todesco, but that won’t work on any device other than the 64-bit iPhones. This means that, for most of us, Cydia is out of reach now, leaving us without a way to download jailbreak apps and tweaks. We can, thanks to a series of third-party app installers now download some tweak, plenty of paid apps for free and modified apps without needing to jailbreak first and the latest one is called IPA Library.

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What is IPA Library ?

IPA Library [ext link ] is one of the top app installers that provides us with access to IPA files. Usually, Apple signs these files so that we can use the apps on our devices, but these IPA files are not those that Apple will consider signing. With IPA Library, we have a way of getting these files signed without needing to get Apple to do it. IPA Library is an app store of sorts but, instead of regular apps, it contains modified IPS files, such as Pokémon Go++, Instagram++ and Spotify++, all available without needing to jailbreak first.

IPA Library Features :

  • Easy to download
  • Free to use
  • No need for jailbreaking 
  • Supported on iOS 9, 10 and 11 on all iOS devices
  • Thousands of IPA files
  • Plenty of modified ++ apps, all with added content, such as Snapchat++, Spotify++, Pokémon Go++ and Instagram++
  • Choose from some other Cydia tweaks
  • Loads of paid content for free
  • Updated regularly

How to Download IPA Library :

IPA Library is very easy to do but it isn’t an app you will get from the app store. Instead, we have a full guide for you on how to do it and you will find it, and other information, at the link below. Please follow the guide carefully, otherwise the installation may not be successful

One of many, IPA Library is proving to be a popular option in the third-party app installers. Each of these installers is providing an invaluable alternative for those who cannot jailbreak their devices right now. Other app installers, worth a look because each offer something different, include :

Most of these also provide support for Android devices, widening their audience significantly and allowing those users to experience more of what iOS jailbreakers have had for some time.  At the moment, we can’t expect to hear any good news about when Cydia is going to be updated, if indeed, it is. With WWDC 2018 around the corner, most of Apple’s focus is going to be in iOS 12 so it remains to be seen if the developer teams can come up with anything for earlier versions. For now, make use of the installers and follow us on Facebook for more jailbreak news.

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