iOS 9.2 Jailbreak

The long wait for a jailbreak is finally over with the release of PPHelper for iOS 9.2. This is the first public jailbreak we have seen for some months and the most likely reason for the delay is the number of updates that Apple has been releasing to fix bugs and the sheer rate at which they have come out. While some users have gotten somewhat annoyed at the lack of a jailbreak, others have been forced to update to fix serious bugs on their iOS devices, leaving them without the option to downgrade back to a jailbreakable version.

Image : iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Update

taig 9.2

We have heard a lot of rumors in the past few months about jailbreaks and we have seen a fair bit of evidence that the later iOS versions can be jailbroken but nothing has been released publicly until now.  At the start of July, we were told there was the possibility of an iOS 9.2 jailbreak and today we have that utility ready for downloading. However, the PPHelper for iOS 9.2 is not going to be usable by everyone :

  • Anyone who doesn’t run Windows as their computer operating system will into be able to install PPHelper jailbreak on their devices. As soon as a Mac version is released we’ll provide you with all the details you need
  • If you own a 64-bit device, you can install PPHelper. Only 32-bt devices are not supported this time, leaving a small percentage of users without the option to jailbreak.

Supported Devices :

The following is a list of all of the devices that are supported by PPHelper for iOS 9.2:

  • iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPod Touch 6

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.2 :

At the moment, we have three ways for you to install PPHelper on your compatible iOS 9.2 device :

Method 1 : PPHelper Jailbreak

ppjailbreak pp med

Right now, PPHelper has only been released in the Chinese language but, to make sure you don’t miss out and can jailbreak your iOS 9.2 device properly you can follow the English language tutorial at the given link to help you install PPHelper.

Method 2 : Download Taig 9.2 app icon using Safari Method

  1. On your iPhone running iOS 9.2 , launch Safari and open your favorite search engine safari_ios_9
  2. Now type in this url This page is specially designed to open on your iPhone and iPad , for Taig app icon download. taig_ios_9_download_3 copy
  3. Now after the page is fully loaded , tap at the UP arrow as you see in the picture below and then tap on Add to HomeScreen taig_ios_9_download_3taig_ios_9_download_1
  4. Name the app as Taig and tap on Add taig_ios_9_download_2
  5. Now you will have Taig app icon on iOS 9.2 homescreen . Tap on it to launch and get the latest Taig 9.2 Jailbreak updates directly on your device .taig_9

Method 3 : Taig 9.2 Installer

This is not available for use at the time of writing but, as soon as it is, we’ll pass the details on to you. To make sure you get those details, direct to your email inbox, Subscribe to our free newsletter below and follow us on Facebook.

Image : Taig 9.2 Jailbreak Installer

taig ios 9.2 jailbreak

Stay Tuned for Taig iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Updates :




      1. I already jail broken iOS 9.3/9.2/9.1 using bugs and features if you want to know subscribe to my channel on YouTube ionutmacovei

      1. They should just jailbreak one iOS then skip one then jailbreak the next and skip the next one etc. that way we know that they are focusing on just one iOS rather than giving up and working on the newer iOS just to lost all progress on the next iOS.

    1. The next jailbreak will most likely be for ios 9.2.1 but update to ios 9.2 before ios 9.2.1 comes out just in case anything happens… Thats what I recommend at least and don’t expect a ios 9.1 jb untill after ios 9.2 or 9.2.1 jailbreak.

  1. Yo, why does this website label itself as “taigjailbreak” and “ios9cydia”? This is like a clickbait website. Adblocker Enabled

    1. Yup, lost my jailbreak at the end of November, yet again (aging 4s seems to require a restore to be able to be charged, gonna replace the battery this time after a 9.2 jailbreak).

      I wouldn’t own an iphone if I couldn’t jailbreak it, it’s the customization that makes it worth while, and going a month without it I am seriously considering an android based phone next purchase.

  2. I dont think that there wil be a Jailbreak anytime soon.
    Apple just released ios 9.2.1 beta.
    When they release a jailbreak now, everything wil be lost with the new release.

    1. Why everything will be lost? As for me, I have another point of view. For instance, if iOS 9.2.1 beta released, hackers will be able to check this software for some exploits and then they will upload jailbreak for 9.1-9.2 versions for us! I believe in this scenario:)

      1. Yeah, it’d only be a loss if by hap-stance they patched it without knowledge of the exploit that is going to be used. Every major update has the exploit(s) patched, so what is lost? Nothing. The only way it would be a loss is if they would have jailbroke 9.1 with 9.2 being so close prior to that. Still believe mid January-ish it’ll be jailbroken.

  3. Very true doser dosnt supprise me if we have to know wait to 2016 as I heard rumours we would get it before but doubt it now.. Needs to hurry up thou need a jailbreak

  4. We are not sure,but the expected date is the end of December and we guarantee the ios 9.2 jailbreak in early 2016 if not in December due to the ios 9.2.1 !!


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  6. To everybody askin for a link. There isn’t one as if this moment so stop askin for somethin that doesn’t currently exist.

  7. All I can see finally, is apple took his advance, then jailbreak teams won’t be able to jb ios before new ios…. Maybe the end of jb times…………. Sad

  8. Please tell us about the release date it’s been a long time, we already expected it forcheistmas as a gift but you didn’t ! Maybe you wanted to create the buzz in community but now we are believing that you had succeed a jailbreak on IOS 9.2 so please ! Tell us about the release date or about your advancement 😫😖

  9. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  10. I want jailbreak, please send link…how can this be done if there is no jailbreak (currently)
    Guys and gals please be patient, it will be released when ready and then we can all jailbreak to our hearts content

  11. What is up with you people you act like you all are untitled to something here. In the end they owe you nothing. Sounds like you all bought a phone that doesn’t suit your needs. All of you have been crying about a jailbreak but have done nothing to help. So thankful xda developers doesn’t put up with this level of crying. I wouldn’t release anything to you people if I had to here all this crying on my site either

    1. I agree. Please b patient guys.. When its released we all will b the first to know since we show a lot of interest in jailbreaking our iPhones.. Peace👍🍺

    1. Entitled* surely you were smart enough to realize it was a typo…..possibly created by Apple fabulous autocorrect. But hey I’ve came to realize the people posting posting here are obviously not good at trouble shooting and determining a much.

  12. You tell them XDA Mistro! As for those that still do not comprehend it. They are still hard at work trying to complete a jailbreak! It isn’t released yet because it isn’t done. When it is completed it will be released. Everyone be patient! Thanks for all the hard work TaiG! It is appreciated more than you know.

  13. i see people talking about having a partial jailbreak. Is this for 9.2 or a different one? If for 9.2, how do I download this partial jailbreak?

  14. UPDATE~ ThaigTeam had made a Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 but Pangu got their first, Apple has made us a great offer to purchase the rights of the firmware, we have came to terms with Apple and accepted their offer. As a result of this their will be no future Jailbreak, ThaigTeam and Pangu will merge together and work with Apple to secure successful iOS updates in the future.

    1. First of all u phony, u did not even spell taiG right so that one reason thats not true at all. Second, this comment would not be on the comments below, it would be on top of the main page. Third, after all these years of jailbreaking, i dont think apple would give in for money as money is just green paper used to buy things, and money is what takes over our lives. Also try donating and stop bieng so salty and a little phony

  15. This is ridiculous why have you held out knowing you had a jailbreak, I can’t believe you would sell out to apple regardless of the money they are offering I’m sure that you could have made more money in other ways from the jailbreak I for 1 would have paid an amount each time you guys came out with a jailbreak.
    It’s a sad day in the news of jailbreaking I’m sure there will be a lot of unhappy people that think you are sell outs !!

  16. taig support team well what aload of tosh you and apple and pangu team joining up . yeah right just talking aload of bs and telling people aload of tripe .

  17. Android will always be more capable and ahead in hardware and software. Apple should stay secure for business use that’s why I choose to use both

  18. Guys. If you want more information on iOS 9.1 and 9.2 jail breaker. Go to YouTube and search for icrackyouridevice. He is a you tuber who gives out the most latest info. As far as I know he is good. And also this website gives updates but I prefer seeing that guys videos for more info.

    And for those who are asking if they should update to ios 9.2. Please do not update unless told to. If you are on iOS 9.1 please stay on ios 9.1. Because according to Pangu and taiG iOS 9.2 is much more harder to jailbreak than iOS 9.1. So if you are on iOS 9.1 stay on iOS 9.1.

    But those of you who have already upgraded. Do not worry because there will be a jailbreak for iOS 9.2. If they aren’t able to jailbreak iOS 9.2. You will likely have a jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 as iOS 9.2.1 has a lot of exploits but is still in beta testing. So guys please note all this and be sure to check out icrackyouridevice for more information on iOS 9.1 9.2 and 9.2.1 jailbreak.

    1. This dude is just hating because there is no jb yet and bribery doesnt get u nowwhere, because its earning money which is not right u phony gif. stop bieng so salty

  19. Im curious what the expectation is From the taig team when they think they are going to release the jailbreak.:: dont they set a deadline date for themselves? They Said End of december.. But just give people a date.. Then they Will be patient… Luca already made a jailbreak.. I het taig isnt far behind him

  20. Apple released ios 9.3 beta already, when will there be a 9.2 jailbreak? Why won’t somebody release a jailbreak already! Apple PUBLICLY Announced they will release 9.3 to the public soon, how much longer for a jailbreak?

  21. TaiG is fooling the people and they haven’t got the manpower
    for jailbreaking 9.3

    Hey TaiG if you need help. Ask Luca -- he knows

  22. …”Update~Ios 9.1-9.2 will release from pangu after apple released ios 9.2.1 to the public”


    Jailbreak en iOS 9.2 y 9.3 mostrados ¿porqué no liberados?

  23. Pangu team and taig team’s partner (3k) had made a jailbreak for ios 9.1-9.2 and is waiting for apple (ios 9.2.1) to release their jailbreak

  24. is that Apple will stop iOS 9.2.1 iOS 9.3 to get out to the general public?
    so we will see a jailbreak of ios 9.3 or waiting 9.2.1 and 9.3 to be realised :///////

  25. I think the idea of making us wait for the 9.2 JB is so that apple don’t patch the JB in 9.2.1 or 9.3…be patient people imagine how many times “where’s/when’s the jailbreak” has been asked…we’re waiting for a reason

      1. Fact of the matter is that apple needs to start paying homage to the jail real community, many people, myself included use apple products only for the jailbreak, if there were never a JB I would never own such products. So, whether or not it’s something for us or a want vs a need is irrelevant, simple and plain it boosts sales for apple, by catering to those who are on the fence and this being what pushes us/them over, a JB is a necessity and again Apple should recognize that, JB = $$

  26. What’s happening with the 9.2 TAIG jailbreak
    I have the tag app thing in me Fone
    Is there any more or something I missed to jailbreak my iPhone 5s

  27. What’s happening with the 9.2 TAIG jailbreak
    I have the tag app thing in me Fone
    Is there any more or something I missed to jailbreak my iPhone 5s
    Any help please is really appreciate

  28. yes should have update to 9.2 and then backup your phone or ipad and then go in to the hidden folder where they put your backup and make a copy of it in another folder so apple carn’t purge your backups which they do now to stop you going back.

  29. I just got iPhone for the first time and am regretting for selling my s6, it’s on sales on ebay now And anyone that have interest should cotact me here but only in Germany …..iPhone is for kids without jailbreak

    1. You just gotta be a lil patient. Not for the sale of ur 6s but for the jailbreak 😉 and am sure there will be a jailbreak soon…

  30. Well it appears that Apple has decided to release iOS 9.2.1 to the public. After the bluf of releasing 9.3.
    But the real question is that Is there going to be a real jailbreak at all for this.

  31. Taig and Pangu are slacking. A lone hacker was able to hack 9.1-9.2.1. Taig Is only capable of making a semi jailbreak that makes you pay for Cydia and Pangu is just brain dead lmfao. Sad

  32. What a load of bollox! Fuk pangu and def fuk taiG, time to go to android me thinks.
    Some cunt called Luca can jailbreak so why can’t these Chinese mothaphuckaz????

  33. So my fellow people why do we still continue spending our time n money for Apple products after all thie lies….I advise we all go for Android now …am now using tab s and my note5 feels better than anything..

  34. Apple will stop signing iOS 9.2 in the next 48 hours. Refrain from updating. Keep your eyes out for our Official Jailbreak Release coming out in the next 48 hours.

  35. Make Sure Your Heart Is Working Good Jailbreak Is Going To Release Upto Ios 9.2.1 Next Day After This And We Will Release Too Jailbreak One For Ios 9.1-9.2 And Second For Ios 9.2.1 (For Security Reasons)

  36. Make Sure Your Heart Is Working Good Jailbreak Is Going To Release Upto Ios 9.2.1 Next Day After This And We Will Release Two Jailbreak One For Ios 9.1-9.2 And Second For Ios 9.2.1 (For Security Reasons)

  37. Neither pangu or taig can jailbreak, they don’t have the know how, the Italian bastrd Luca works for Apple, so thank you taig and pangu, good luck

  38. No Pangu ,No TaiG, No 3K….nothing maybe Apple won this time :(. I know you work hard but just say that you can’t make a tool or Apple pays just to have this jailbreak unreleased and under control. :(

  39. If we have a jailbreak we will not release it until apple releases IOS 9.3 so that hopefully apple dose not patch the jailbreaks in IOS 9.3. Please disregard these comments claiming to be us stay updated with these posts on this website.

      1. Походу задолжаемся ждать…. Хотя я лично уже заебался. Миник свой откатить хочу.

  40. Please disregard any and every comment claiming to be Taig Jailbreak Team we will update you in these blogs we will not update you though the comment so please disregars any comments claiming to be Taig Jailbreak Team or Pangu Jailbreak Team!

  41. Why waste our time reading this garbage! Especially about, TAIG. The last jailbreak they made was for iOS 8.4… We should be wasting our time on the PANGU sites. At least we know they have been working on the iOS 9’s. Who knows if they wouldn’t have called out PP for ripping off there already stolen jail breaking software, we might have one already. Thought open source, meant open source.. Another thing. TAIG sold out, if you don’t have $1000000 your not getting the jailbreak, anyone ever wonder what the reason for that was. Lol we paid for the first iOS 9 jailbreak! Maybe they are waiting again, for more money. Greed runs this world, things in life are no longer free. How many YouTube advertisements do you have to play to get a million bucks…

  42. The reason maybe that they want to more money , because they says that iOS 9.2jailbreak is $1000000,even the tool comes out ,they may not free ,we must pay for it .so…….

  43. There will be billions of jailbreaks if and only if everyone gives up in expecting one. New firmware come out, someone jailbreaks it and get paid by Apple. Soon there will be iOS 999999.2.10000009. It’ll because someone will jailbreak that, then 109999999099967.46.7654444, then someone will jailbreak that. So delete your pangu and taig icons from your iPhones and live your lives. Somewhere there’s got to be a lady or gentleman hoping you recognize them and you can’t do that from this worthless place.

  44. مرحباً،،،
    متى تنوون تنزلون الجل بريك للاصدار ٩.٢ انا انتظر احر من الجمر.
    When you attending to release 9.2Jailbrake i can’t wait.

  45. Taig and pango have been failed to get jailbreaking for iOS 2-3 .
    Apple has restricted well their iOS this time .
    So don’t waste time here , move on with ur life .

  46. I wonder why twig or pangu do a time exploit where you go to settings and change the the time a bit or do a update one what makes your update to the jailbroken version we will never know or some other people might

  47. Пацапы расходимся.
    Джейла не будет! Для не 64-битных устройств инфа 100%.

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