iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Update

Apple has been quite busy lately with iOS 9.1. And why not ? It needs to resolve the issues that iOS users have been complaining of in iOS 9. By now, most of the iOS users who have moved to iOS 9 have faced some or the other issue with iOS 9. But amidst all this, there are people who either have still not updated to iOS 9 or are updated and stuck on iOS 9.1 firmware as they are waiting for an iOS 9.1 jailbreak to be released. And when the discussion revolves around iOS jailbreak, the TaiG team cannot be left out. Update: iOS 9.2 has finally been released. We are expecting and iOS 9.2 jailbreak side by side the iOS 9.1 Jailbreak from Taig Team. Keep reading for more details. For iOS 9.2 download [ext link] , follow the given link.

Image : Taig iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Update
taig ios 9.1 jailbreak

Quick Download Taig iOS 9.1 Jailbreak App Icon :

This tutorial will come in handy for those users who are waiting for Taig iOS 9.1 jailbreak installer to be released . Follow the steps below with video instructions included .

  1. Launch safari on your iOS device . safari_ios_9
  2. Search the text “ios 9.1 jailbreak or taig 9.1 without the quotes as shown in the image below. In the results page , select the result with the url taigjailbreak.orgtaig ios 9.1 jailbreak search
  3. This page has been specifically designed for Taig app icon download on your mobile device . [users who cannot find this result on search , simply type in in the address bar]taig_ios_9_download_3 copy
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the Up arrow . Tap on ittaig_ios_9_download_3
  5. This brings up the option to Add to HomeScreen. Tap on this to proceed. taig_ios_9_download_1
  6. Now rename the Taig app icon as Taig if not already named . Tap on Add to proceed . taig_ios_9_download_2
  7. You got Taig app icon on iOS 9.1 . Now tap to launch the app icon to get latest iOS 9.1 jailbreak updates on your device right away . taig_9

Video : Here is a video with step by step instructions as given above .

TaiG Team working on iOS 9.1 Jailbreak ?

Much before iOS 9 was released and while iOS 8.4 was jailbroken, TaiG CEO Xie Lei had posted on Weibo suggesting that the TaiG team was working on jailbreaking iOS 9. Lei’s post hinted that he was very confident about an iOS 9 jailbreak from the TaiG team, which can be a hint that the team is indeed working silently on it. Just when Taig team were to release an iOS 9 jailbreak , Pangu came out with their Pangu 9 Jailbreak tool. Jailbreakers were celebrating this release and downloads reached in millions within few hours , but just within a week Apple patched the jailbreak with iOS 9.1 firmware update. All this time Taig team held back with their iOS 9 jailbreak exploits which they saved for a future release , aka the Taig 9.1 Jailbreak tool . This was an intelligent move from the jailbreak team .

taig ios 9.1 jailbreak

Moreover, it was only recently that Apple had credited [ext link] the TaiG and Pangu team for discovering one security exploit in iOS 9. Well, TaiG team could have known about this exploit only if they were finding exploits in iOS 9 for creating a jailbreak. This makes it clear that Team TaiG is trying to find an iOS 9.1 jailbreak soon.

Links to Upcoming Taig 9.1 Jailbreak Installer :

This is a dedicated jailbreaker for iOS 9.1 firmware . You can find the download links in the linked page below .

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      1. Hi Guys! I saw many of you have problems with jailbreaking so i share my experience with you. I’m a phone shop owner, i jailbreak and sell iPhones on a daily basis. For jailbreaking I’m using this site idevicejailbreaker. Com
        -- they can jailbreak ANY apple devices in less than 4min for free! i hope i helped you

    1. 😊Yes there’s a jailbreak available to download for 8.4.1 but wait there’s also one for 9.0.2 if you haven’t updated to 9.1! IOS 9 comes with many features but is also a bit sluggish, iOS 9.1 will correct a lot of these bugs as they did when they released iOS 8 so go ahead install jailbreak 8.4.1 or 9.0.2 but don’t update to 9.1 until the official word comes out &…. Enjoy!!!!™

      1. TAIG Team, you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.
        Look forward to your next JB, hopefully 9.0.2 as I was forced to upgrade to this past 9 and 9.0.1 :D

      2. When will a full job be out for 9.1 could you plz email me. I keep trying to get the app icon to save but it’s not working thanks

      3. TaiG, it is possible to jailbreak ios 9.1-9.2 not a semi or untethered because i did some hacking and found out it is possible

  1. I want to ask u what do u think about Taig 9 I mean how many weeks will it take to prepare it for us.
    I want to have only ur opinion because ur totaly one of the best jailbreking tool for Iphones/Ipads…

  2. A JB for 9.0.2 is almost out of the question. Especially since 9.1 is expected to drop late this month or early to mid November. Apple has had a beta out for 9.1 for 3 weeks. So I suspect they’re aiming straight for 9.1 instead of the incremental updates to 9.0

  3. if you go to you can revert from 9.1 to 9.0.2 and jailbreak from there. just download your needed file and put it somewhere you’ll remember.go to itunes, make a backup for your phone, hold shift the click on restore phone. It will bring up file browser, then you just locate the IPSW file you downloaded and select that for restore firmware. VIOLA you’ll be back on 9.0.2, and ready to jailbreak.

        1. Exactly; I agree with Jordan. Keep letting them know we will never see a jailbreak. If I knew how to jb I would never tell Apple of all people. Lol

  4. Hey, Im still running iOS 8.4.1 for iPhone 5. Should I just get 9.1 and wait for the jailbreak ? or is there hope you will post 8.4.1 jailbreak ?
    and how long you think it will be for 9.1 JB

  5. Guys please release a jailbreak for ios 8.4.1, there are many people using ios 8.4.1 because they have older devices like iphone 5 or 5c.
    We don’t want to update to ios 9, it will surely make our iphone sluggish and slow.
    Its a humble request please release a jb and at least tell anything you guys know about ios 8.4.1 jb.
    If ios 9 can be jail broken then why not ios 8.4.1😓😞

  6. HEY when will ios 9 be jailbroken the expected month roughly and i dont care if taig or pangu does or any others do it as long as it safe , stable , and fully works. thanks

  7. When is the iOS 9.1 jailbreak coming? I recently got my iPhone 6 and it doesnt work downgrading it it iOS 9.0.2 anymore i guess. But please tell me when the newest taig 9.1 jb is out :) keep up with the Good work!

  8. Taig when do you think ios 9.1 jailbreak will be ready in a week or month let us know many people are waiting and im sure you are working hard to make done .i hope you will release it during this week 👍🏻 keep it up taig team

  9. When is the iOS 9.1 jailbreak coming? I recently got my iPhone 6 and it doesnt work downgrading it it iOS 9.0.2 anymore i guess. But please tell me when the newest taig 9.1 jb is out :) keep up with the Good work!

  10. please taig team,do for all of us a favor and launch the jailbreak for ios 9.1 9.2 because we start to dream about the moment that it will be done,this require is not only from me but from toooooo many other and thank you so much,hope that is not going to take long time

  11. Hi taig jail breakers!!! I am rally waiting u r team to release iOS 9.1 jailbreak!! Please please please release fast pleeeeezzzzzz!!!!

  12. Some people are funny almost demanding a jailbreak for free no less lol, unless you bought a new iPhone already on 9.1 you have nobody but yourself to blame for no jailbreak. I love my 9.0.2 jailbroken 6 plus. A few emojis aren’t worth losing my jailbreak lmmfao. Keep up the awesome work TaiG

  13. Hi dear taig team I like you to message me sir bcoz I need ur help this is my number plz don’t miss it sir I want to jailbark 9.1 I need to talk with u lot of thing sir are els plz mail me

  14. 1) They will let us know when/if the jailbreak is avail
    2) Please spend as much time thanking the ppl for their work as you do asking if a jailbreak is ready, be appreciative
    3) I will say that I do find the writeup here a little confusing on if you can or cannot jailbreak (I realize that you cannot yet).

  15. you are meant to skip ad, top right hand corner of the screen, this is not a scam, and they actually are a good set of people, not scammers. if they were scammers they would have asked for money to be able to jailbreak

  16. when 9.1 or 9.21 jailbreak is released trust me you’ll know,why do the same people keep asking ,begging ,demanding to know when? coding and reverse engineering is NOT easy if it were every one would do far as the waste of time icon every one who jumped the gun and updated thinking it was a jailbreak…………well like i said its a waste of time.NEVER EVER update until you KNOW there’s a fully functional jailbreak available PERIOD.until then stop the drama already.

  17. When is the 9.1 jailbreak out? Also I would like to know that is there any kind of thereat during jailbreak if the phone is updated over the air instead of iTunes? Thanks.

  18. Hey, i am curious on how I can get jailbreak… I was so unlucky that I actually updated my iPhone 6 to ios9.. So my question is; when, how or where, can I get jailbreak??

    1. Believe me, I would like to downgrade iOS X.X.X but, think about it this way. Imagine if iOS 5.1.1 was on the iPhone 6s. No one would care or fix a bug in there because it’s an old version. Also, each iOS version is designed for a certain range of iPhone, (possibly through the different coding), and it wouldn’t work anywhere else. Like you can’t put iOS 9 on an iPhone 3G. Also, what if you couldn’t upgrade back up from the iOS you downgraded to? Did you ever think about that?!? Thank you.

  19. i have a question

    i have an ipad air 7.04 or something, is it possible to update to ios 8,4 without updating to ios 9. ps my ipad is jailbroken

    thx best regards elias

  20. Sir I am using Iphone 5c recently i update my device to 9.1 & I am wating for JailBreak 9.1 can u tell me when it should be release …………….

    1. Man, We all have to wait for release date, that’s all we got to do, Be Patient. 9.1 is good but we have to hang on a little while Longer.

      Don’t Worry, You are not alone. We will get there on time.

  21. Para los Grupo de Hackers TaiG y Pangu. Les va esta Pregunta:

    ¿ Por qué no programan un Servidor Pirata al de Apple ósea una Réplica China Que también firme Los IOS que ellos Mismos hacen ?

  22. Sry guys for disturbin .. but i wonder when jb for 9.1 release ? if somebody really knows some info about this plz hit reply :D

  23. This is getting annoying. TaiG are really hard work and I appreciate their efforts. But they aren’t even lettin us know when they will release a jailbreak. Or at least let us know if you guys are working on it or when it will be ready.

  24. All Guys There Is Good News For All Jailbreaker We Are going To Release ios 9.1 JB ain Next Week If You Want To Know More You Can Review Your Comments

  25. is there a way to get cydia and all the jailbreak with cydia along with winterboard for ios 9.1 ? or does anybody know how to downgrade to ios 9.0.2 /

    1. It isn’t possible to downgrade Tour iPhone, and the iOS 9.1 jialbreak is still under construction. We are all waiting 😃

  26. Hi Taig team
    Nice to hear that I’m very excited for the release of JB 9.1
    Hope to see it by next week
    Waiting for it 👍👍👍👍

  27. This is a note to all jailbreak community. We are working hard or this jailbreak and we spend many work hours trying to find a working jailbreak for the jailbreak community. Hence the jailbreak software taiG 9 will be sold to public for $49.00 and not for free.

  28. Hey All JailBreakers Good News Ios 9.2 Has Been Released You All Can Update To Ios 9.2 Because We We Had Made Ios 9.2 Jb App And Ios 9.1 JB Will Not Release Because Of Security Reasons So Please Update To iOS 9.2

  29. I am here to inform you all that no jailbreak is coming in next 4 weeks (minimum estimated time).So dont believe on rumors and enjoy you device without jailbreak

  30. We Are Going to release ios 9.2 jb in 2-3 days and no jb for ios 9.1 is Comming due to security reasons so please make sure your device is running ios 9.2 not ios 9.1 please update your device

  31. We tried to use 9.2 taig jailbreak(beta) to help them find some bugs. The good news is they’ve fix it already and will come out next week. Make sure you update your ios to 9.2beta to make sure you got 9.2beta before they stop signing it.

    1. They stated above that they aren’t going to make an ios 9.1 jailbreak for security reasons so update to ios 9.2 as soon as possible.

  32. As of now we’re just waiting for the release of ios 9.2 or all the hard work will turn to dust. Make sure you update your ios to 9.2beta or you will never get back from 9.2 to 9.2beta.

  33. just a question, first of all so much respect for the work you do, I wanted to ask you: I have an ipad 2 with ios 7.0.4 jb and now I want to update it and attached to itunes tells me I can upgrade to IOS 9.1 update if there is or jb I have to wait? Thanks and sorry again the intrusion.

  34. So is true that there is not jb for ios 9.1 so we need to upgrade to ios 9.2 because jb of 9.2 will be released soon is that true or false? answer it please so i can upgrade if is true?

  35. I told You guys, You are only frustrating yourselves.
    Everyone can appear as “Pangu Team say” or “Taig team says”

    So if You don’t become Patient, You will run out of Breaks. Rather wait until You see availability of the TaiG software.

    It’s not like it will “NEVER be released. We are all itching to Transform our iPads, iPhone, and Mags.

    So Patience is Better than Pride. Give TaiG Team a Break to work out what they do Best.

  36. December/18/2015 release date jailbreak 9.1
    Jailbreak 9.1 is done but it just need some final touches so it will work perfectly
    Jailbreak 9.2 will be release after 2-3 weeks =)

  37. So just to be sure iOS 9.1 jailbreak is being released 18th December is this true? When will iOS 9.2 jailbreak be released and email me the link to jailbreak 9.1 when released thanks

    1. Indeed, You got that right. On 18th is the day where 9.1 users will be set free. And then 9.2 will be released 2 to 3 weeks after the release of 9.1.

      So many People are waiting, Harvest has come. But beware they said it’s yet complete. But they will release it anyway. So we don’t know what’s running short until the product run on your Mobile.

  38. I am here today to announce that these so called websites are not real. The ones named “”, “” and such are not legitimate. Go to and, and they are the real LEGITIMATE websites run by the devs of the jb themselves

  39. On 14 december dont know if it was a real team of taig or somebody else just wrote it but he is seeing that on 15 so today will be confirm the real date of ios 9.1 jailbreak. So does anyone know when exactly jb will be release

  40. Is the jailbreak tool been released? On all the download links it just keeps going to more information. Will it be possible to jailbreak IOS 9.1? Or should I just upgrade off of 9.1 and go to IOS 9.2??

  41. I think that ios 9.1 jailbreak will not be released so we need to upgrade to ios 9.2 because there is write that on 18/12/2015

  42. Hey You Guys, 18 December 2015 must be a lie. And any date that will come after it. Apple might play dirty too, hire a person who registered on the same bloq and play as “Taig team or Pangu Team says” just to despise you and cause You Frustrations. Think about it! All we need is a reliable source.

    Or else they will keep on playing us like fools because they know how desperate we are to get hold of 9.1 jailbreak tool. So all along we have been playing on their tuff (homeground) and that gives them an advantage. That’s where they want us to. So let’s change the game and bring it to them without limits.

    Lulu (South Africa)

    1. Dear bother its me Lalu Madhu and this is my email idmadhu.pinky9295 plz help for 9.1 jailbreak plz plz are send me link on my email if bother

  43. Guys, as apple announce that the security in the ios 9.1 is unhackable, but the 9.2 is hackable as we learn the security compared to the older one ios, so please update your apple’s to 9.2 now, as we will be releasing the tool after 2 days. So guys this is free and not for sale,for our fans to enjoy using apple,thank you guys.. 3:)

  44. if this JB is released, I will rise from the dead and kill everyone who downloads it with my laser eyes. This is your warning. Hahahahaha………..

    P.S. Screw you Bill Gates

    1. Your just mad because I’m still alive and richer than you Steve. I’m going to have my best coders work in this J.B. Also I’m screwing your wife.

      Sincerely yours
      Bill Gates

  45. This Website is not real guys. If you keep on believing what’s written here. You might as well hang yourself.

    The real website:

    And the jailbreak tool they have so far is for ios 8.4 no 9.1 or 9.2 just yet.

    Get it through your head and save yourselves.

  46. Lulu aka “the most optimistic person”.
    Buy a chocolate and fill your blood with a little sugar instead of pulling everything down.
    Whenever a jailbreak appears, it will be publish everywhere (everywhere includes this page…).

    1. Right? I signed up for email updates and received one this morning only to see the same info on this page that was here a week ago. I just want 9.2 :’/

  47. 9.2 jailbreak is coming soon. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah dees nuts blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah pangu sux taigs bags blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah be patient blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  48. I’ll Blast off this Page, including every account holder with their devices, not forgetting the person who created this page.

    Now keep quiet, this won’t take long!

  49. This getting ridiculous

    Time after time this happens, I personally believe that there is no such jail break and pangu and taig are having a sick gag at us for being inpatient, begging as such

    I think that it won’t be released (if ever) until they are satisfied that we need the, so thank you taig team and Pangu for your hard work and consistent replies

    Note: one of those later points is sarcastic. You tell me which one!

  50. Had 9.0.2 Jailbreak. Phone Broke, Insurance replaced with iPhone on 9.1…
    i need this badly, I’ve lost everything.

    If the current working Jailbreak is 9.3 -- Please release it for download as it will work for previous IOS (9.1 +9.2)


  51. Okay im hoping i can get a reply. ive been waiting what over 9 months and i know were getting it free and at own risk working order so i cant complain. I was more trying to see if i could get contacted when ios 9.1’s jailbreak is finally released as it would be awesome to get it running on my phone or if thats not going to happen if i HAVE to update it then i would rather know ya know? hope to hear back

  52. HI,
    Is there any mobile app review or guest post or advertising opportunity on
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