iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting for the jailbreak fans, as there are a lot of developments and releases happening. The string of events started with the TaiG team, who went ahead and released a much-wanted jailbreak for the iOS 8.3, the TaiG 2.x. Though the initial version had some niggles and drawbacks, the updated TaiG 2.1.3 tool was all-round and perfect. But one fact which was not at all clear to everyone was that why the TaiG team release an iOS 8.3 jailbreak right before another major iOS firmware, the iOS 8.4, was going to be released. So when the iOS 8.4 was released, questions were being asked as to the compatibility of the TaiG jailbreak with iOS 8.4. TaiG was mum on the subject as if they wanted to speak on the matter only after going through iOS 8.4, but the truth evidently is that they were working on an update.

Image : Taig 2.2.0 Download

taig 8.4 jailbreak

The news was that the exploits used in the TaiG jailbreak were not patched by Apple, and the fresh developments are that TaiG has taken a full advantage of this fact. Yes, TaiG has updated their jailbreak tool and have already released the 2.2.0 version which is compatible with the iOS 8.4.

Supported by Taig 8.4 :

The TaiG 2.2.0 jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4 supports the following devices .

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad Air 2, 1
  • iPad 4, 3, 2
  • iPad mini 3, 2, 1
  • iPod touch 5

Taig 2.2.0 Jailbreakable Firmwares :

The following firmware versions are supported .

  • iOS 8.4
  • iOS 8.3
  • iOS 8.2
  • iOS 8.1.3

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.4 using Taig :

Before you jailbreak your device, take a complete backup of your data with iTunes or iCloud. The TaiG 8.4 jailbreak on Mac is pretty much the same as on Windows and the two programs are identical in the process. Simply download TaiG for Mac and follow this tutorial step by step as applicable and you would be able to jailbreak your device and install Cydia without any issue . itunes backup ios 9

  1. Now download TaiG 2.4.3 jailbreak tool.
  2. Make sure that iTunes in your PC or Mac is updated to the latest version. itunes update mac
  3. Now perform a fresh iOS 8.4 restore in order to avoid jailbreak errors. You can get the iOS 8.4 file by Downloading iOS 8.4 . itunes restore
  4. Now go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and toggle off the Find My iPhone feature. Just confirm the action by providing your Apple ID and password when asked. find_my_iphone_6_ios_804
  5. You also need to disable the Passcode/Touch ID. To do this, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and tap on the Turn Passcode Off option. touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  6. Connect your iOS device to your computer now.
  7. Now open the TaiG 2.4.3 tool that you had download in Step 2 . If using Windows, make sure to open the tool in Administrator Mode, which you can find by right-clicking the TaiG tool icon. taig administrator mode
  8. After the device has been identified by the TaiG tool, ensure that the 3K Assistant checkbox is unchecked. ios 8.4 taig2taig-3k-assistant-ios-84
  9. Finally, click the Start button to begin the jailbreaking process. This will take a few minutes, so do not disturb the computer or the iOS device. taig-ios-84-jailbreak-process
  10. Once the jailbreak process has been completed successfully, your iOS device will reboot and you will find the Cydia app on your home screen. Your device is now jailbroken ! iphone_6_logo_apple (1)cydia_ios_9_homescreen
  11. Now turn on the Find My iPhone and Touch ID/Passcode options again.

Note : Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.4 as iOS 8.4.1 has been released more than a week ago. So you will not be able to restore back to iOS 8.4. In case you are running iOS 8.4, make sure that you do not update the device even accidentally. In case you have already updated to iOS 8.4.1, you will have to wait for the release of iOS 9 jailbreak, which will be released after the official release of iOS 9 on the 9th September. In the mean time there is an iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak released but its somewhat in beta state .

Download Taig :

So if you are still on iOS 8.3 and have not updated to iOS 8.4 yet, you can now do it easily with the TaiG 2.2.0. You can download the TaiG 2.2.0 jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4 from here. We have published a step-by-step tutorial for TaiG 8.4 jailbreak above for your convenience .

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