iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Tutorial

Since iOS 8.1.3 was released, patching the iOS 8 jailbreaks, it’s all been a bit quiet. Neither Taig nor PP commented on the shutdown of their jailbreaks and there was no word on a future utility. Until now. There is no jailbreak utility for iOS 8.1.3 but both Taig and PP have released an untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 8.2 betas 1 and 2.

Image : Download Taig 8.2 Jailbreak [Now Available for iOS 8.3]

taig 8.2 jailbreak

The Taig utility is for Windows users only – mac users will need to download the PP jailbreak. It will not work on any of the other iOS 8.2 betas, only 1 and 2, and the reason for this is because the relevant exploits that Taig used were not patched until iOS 8.2 beta 3 was released.

The difficult part about downloading the jailbreak is that you will need to find working download links for the relevant betas. This should be easy enough if you already downloaded them in the past and the good news is, once you have iOS 8.2 beta 2, it has no expiration date on it, which means you can jailbreak it forever.

Taig iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Compatibility :

  • iPod Touch 5
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus

The jailbreak is available for download now and we will be providing you with a full tutorial on how to download and install it. Please make sure you follow the tutorial properly as failure to do so can result in problems with the jailbreak and you having to restore your device and start again.

What isn’t clear at the moment is if there will be an untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.2 when it is released to public, hopefully sometime in March. Being as some of the exploits were patched in beta 3, we suspect it may take a little more time to produce it but we have no doubt that both Taig and PP will manage it.

Download :

  • TaiG ver 1.0 for 8.2 for Windows [link]
  • Taig ver 2.0 for 8.3 for Windows [link]

iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Tutorial :

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.2 with Taig :

 Please note that this jailbreak is for Windows only. If you have a Mac, you can use the PP 8.2 Tool [ext link] to jailbreak iOS 8.2.

  1.  Back up your device using iTunes and/or iCloud itunes backup ios 9
  2. Restore or update your device to iOS 8.2itunes update iphone
  3. Disable your passcode passcode ios 8 iphone 61
  4. Disable Touch ID touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  5. Disable Find My iPhone find_my_iphone_6_ios_804
  6. Place your device into Airplane Mode airplane mode 2
  7. Connect your device to your Windows PC connect with iphone 6 usb cable lightnig cable
  8. Download Taig jailbreak for iOS 8.2 [links above]
  9. Unzip the file and right click on the .exe file to open – select Run as Administrator taig administrator mode
  10. Allow the jailbreak some time to detect your iOS device and confirm that it is correct [ Image Credits – ]taig 8.2 download
  11. Click to untick the box next to the Chinese writing – this will stop the Taig app store from being downloaded onto your device TaiG-jailbreak-iPhone 5s
  12. Click Jailbreak and leave Taig to so its work taig jailbreak 8.1.2 stuck 30 percent
  13. Your device will reboot at the end and Cydia should be on your home screen. If it is, the jailbreak has been successful. cydia ios 7 ios 9 download0

Taig jailbreak may get stuck at 30% – if it does, leave it for up to 30 minutes and it should download OK. This is more likely to be the case if you are using a virtual PC. If you decide to download the Taig jailbreak, do let us know how you get on in the comments box below.

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  1. hello.i buy an iphone from japan and when i came back to my country i reset all content(ios 8.1.3). now iphone reguired a valied sim. and i dont have.and dont let me to go to another setting.and taigi cant jailbreak that.what should i do?

  2. i reset my jailbreaked device on 8.1.2 but stocking in recovery mode…………….
    wt can i do to recover my device???
    please help

    1. If your device dosent turn on. you have to hold the home button and power button at the same time for a few seconds, then it may turn on. if it didnt, you have to give it to an apple expert.

      1. yeah… turns on……it ez not being restored or update………styck on recovery mode
        (48 error displayed during restore/update)

  3. why after i download jailbreak 8.2 but window keep saying my itunes not download..but my itunes downloaded..can someone teach me please

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