iOS 11 – Features Expected

The iOS firmware celebrated its 10th birthday in September with the release of iOS 10 and, while it is packed full of features, there are still plenty of features that seem to be missing, at least as far as some users are concerned. iOS 11 is the next generation of firmware and, while it isn’t going to be revealed until June 2017, that doesn’t stop people speculating on what Apple might see. While much of what is on this list will probably never happen, have a look and see what you think.

Image : All iOS 11 Features as Expected


Features For iOS 11 :

  1. Put the Volume HUD in the status bar
  2. Allow Bluetooth transfers between all platforms, not just the Mac and iOS
  3. Split-screen multitasking ipad-split-screen-ios9
  4. Change the Page system on Control center to one that is easier to use
  5. Raise or get rid of the LTE download limit
  6. Overhaul the Home screen and give it a complete new look
  7. Give us PiP video centrum1-2
  8. Let us add password protection to the apps we want to
  9. Open NFC API to developers
  10. Native screen recorder [ Emu4iOS ]irec-screen
  11. Drop the Back button down lower for larger devices
  12. Better choice of wallpapers
  13. Update Siri for accuracy and offline use
  14. More choice of 3D Touch controls forcy-3d-touch-quick-actions-camera
  15. Data and low power mode toggles in the control center
  16. An OS specific to the iPad
  17. Better system of Notifications
  18. Apple Music Hand-off
  19. Allow Gif support for photos
  20. Faster animations
  21. Better way to clear out app caches
  22. Option for Dark Night Mode eclipse-24-1
  23. Ability to set custom fonts
  24. Copy/Paste clipboard
  25. Switcher to clear apps faster
  26. Bring back option for Slide to Unlock
  27. Easier one-handed mode
  28. Animated icons
  29. Give users option to have what toggles they want
  30. Allow users to set hard data limits instead of just monitoring data usage
  31. Provide native RAW support on the camera camera-and-photos-apps-in-ios-9
  32. Add an app drawer for app sorting and storage
  33. Put a number row on the keyboard
  34. Allow users to set their own default apps
  35. Allow users to name Bluetooth controls
  36. Arrange app icons how you want to gridlock_app
  37. Be able to change the camera settings and resolution settings in-app
  38. Be able to organize apps by size and not name
  39. 4-way Facetime chat ios_11_video_chat

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  1. Allow users the ability to customize all screens, to include home screen.

    20 apps total per screen on the 12″ Pro is silly, Allow user the ability to increase number.

    iPads should be able to better use of real estate, i.e., more apps per page and in menu line.

    Most jailbreak in order to be able to tweak appearance and user experience. Time to get with it.

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