GasGauge iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak

As things stand, usually when a developer finds an exploit that could be used in a jailbreak, it is common practice to keep quiet about it, for as long as you possibly can. However, one developer doesn’t seem to want to live by that rule. We are talking about Luca Todesco, an Italian hacker and developer that we should all be familiar with by now. He has gone ahead and released a jailbreak exploit that applies to iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak and the iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak [ betas ], and is called the “GasGauge” 0-day exploit. We all remember when he uploaded the proof that he had managed to jailbreak both iOS versions but said, at the time, that he would not release them to the public. So what happened to change his mind ?

Image : GasGauge Jailbreak Update

gasgauge jailbreak

iOS 10 happened. As he is a registered developer Todesco has managed to examine the first beta release of iOS 10 and has concluded that, in his words, “Apple has gone hard on security”. It would appear that Apple has made some significant changes to the security on iOS as was rumored, and those change have killed off both jailbreak chains that Todesco was using, one of them being GasGauge. According to Todesco, the 0-day exploit he used is no longer applicable for any iOS version after iOS 9.3.3 which is still in beta.

Image : Cydia on iOS 9.3.3

cydia ios 9.3.3 iphone

Some of you will know Todesco better under the handle of @qwertyoruiopz [ext link – Twitter], which he uses on social media and it is under this handle that he has pasted the exploit code on to Ghostbin for everyone to see and to get to grips with. Provided you know exactly what you are doing, you can use this code to try and come up with a public jailbreak tool. Of course, you first have to be able to understand the code dump and know exactly what to do with it. Todesco announced the “release” via his Twitter account [link above], acknowledging which firmwares’ it will work for.

Don’t get too excited about this. It is NOT a fully functioning jailbreak until someone turns it onto one. All it is, at this stage, is an exploit that “grants arbitrary alloc and free primitives” to anyone who has the required sandbox escape to come up with a proper jailbreak – if they want to. Secondly, it does confirm that the iOS 10 jailbreak could be more difficult to achieve than first thought as it appears that Apple has gone ahead and made changes to the security on iOS to make it harder.

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  1. I’ve got 9.3.2 installed and ready to go full-on jb, the tools are out, all I need is the jb! Someone make it rain!

  2. Finally some exiting news!
    Now that the exploit is public, sure Taig or Tangu have it easier to actually come out with a jailbreak.
    And I surely won’t update to iOS 10 for a while

  3. You keep putting out what you claim is an update on the progress of the JB but it’s nothing but hot air with no substance…….do something for real.

    1. Yes its the only signed jailbreakable firmware at the moment and 9.3.3 is in beta stage so apple will patch this code before release 9.3.3 release:)

    1. Best to update to 9.3.2 if not you will be stuck at 9.2 jailbroken, the release code works on both from researching:)

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