Flying Jailbreak iOS 9.2.1

It seems that the jailbreak drought may, at long last, be over for some people. The last couple of weeks has seen two sets of details about jailbreaks released and today we have a third one. None of the jailbreaks have come from either Pangu or Taig and have not actually been released as public jailbreaks but they are interesting to see nonetheless, not least because it proves that the exploits are there for some users.

Image : Flying Jailbreak iOS 9.2.1

flying jailbreak taig

First off, we had the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak from Luca Todesco, followed closely by the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak from the same developer. Despite saying that he wouldn’t release them to the public, a few days ago Todesco dumped the code for the jailbreaks onto Ghostbin for anyone to use if they wanted. His reason for doing so was because Apple patched the 0-day exploit he used in the GasGauge exploit with iOS 10 and Todesco reported that Apple had made things significantly harder with the new firmware.

The next jailbreak came from an even more well-known hacker called iH8sn0w and was an iOS 10 jailbreak, shown off just 5 days after the first beta of the new firmware was released to developers. However, this jailbreak only works on 32-bit devices, using the iBoot exploit that the developer showed off a couple of years back. The latest jailbreak to be shown off is another one that will only work on the older 32-bit devices and the developers also confirmed that Apple has gone a few steps further ahead with security, making things much harder.

Image : Flying Jailbreak


The new jailbreak is called Flying JB and comes to us courtesy of a Chinese developer by the name of Ming Zheng, along with two other developers by the name of Cererdlong and Eakerqui. It is for iOS 9.2.1 and s demonstrated in a video uploaded to YouTube. The video shows an iPhone 5 jailbroken on Flying JB and also shows an unsigned Mobile Terminal app being installed. According to Zheng, the exploit used is a 15-year-old HeapOverFlow vulnerability and the jailbreak is based around InpuTbag, a familiar name for those who watch Prison Break. Apple has actually patched the vulnerability in iOS 9.3.2 which mean it cannot be used in any of the later iOS versions.

Video : Here is a video of Flying Jailbreak in action

This isn’t a full jailbreak at this stage because the sandbox escape is not public and, as it only works on 32-bit devices it will only benefit a small handful of users. And, as it is not a GUI-based jailbreak, it will be incredibly difficult to apply. However, the team has put the code on GitHub along with instructions on how to use it so feel free to have a go but we would recommend that, if you feel you must try it, don’t do it on your everyday device. There is no guarantee of stability and no guarantee that it won’t mess up your iPhone.

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  1. Please Tell Us That When U Will Release a Confirmed & Working Jailbreak For iOS 9.3 ? Please Release it As Fast As U Can….Because We are Waiting !!

  2. Si queréis os hago un jailbreak que no va ser público (solo photos y vídeos).
    Espero vuestras respuestas y si hago algunos seguidores en mi canal de YouTube os demostré con tutoríales como os engañan.

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