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There’s a new app out to fill in the gap between jailbreaks. It’s called Extensify and it is a way of having your stock apps do just a little bit more without actually modifying them. The last time we saw a jailbreak was some time ago and, although there have been reports of later iOS versions being subject to jailbreaks, we haven’t been given the tools to do it and neither have we heard anything from the two current jailbreak teams, Pangu or Taig.

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There may be a couple of reasons why neither team has stepped forward with an update to their jailbreak tools. Firstly, Apple is releasing updates at a steady pace to fix bugs in iOS 9 and iOS 10 and it could be that many of the exploits have been patched. Also, because of the rate of update delivery, there probably isn’t a lot of point in using up exploits for a jailbreak, only to have the patched a week or so later. The jailbreak teams are likely waiting for a time when everything settles down and they can release a tool, knowing that we will have time to enjoy it.

Extensify Bridges the Gap :

In the meantime, we have Extensify [ext link]. This is something of a neat app because of the way it works. When you jailbreak and start looking at ways to make the stock apps better or get more features, you tend to do one of two things – either download a jailbreak tweak alternative to the stock app or download a tweak that modifies the stock app. With Extensify, you don’t do either of those.

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Extensify is similar to a tweak store with the difference being that none of the tweaks will actually break through iOS security and into the layers that jailbreaking does. When you Download Extensify [ext link], and we’ll tell you how to do that shortly, you are downloading a store so you go into it can you pick the modifications for the stock apps that you want to change. These get added to a build list – you can add modifications for many different apps to the same build list – and when you’re done “shopping” Extensify goes ahead with this build.

Once installed, Extensify offers you a tweaks store that houses tweaks, known as Exos [image below] in the Extensify environment. You can use these Exos to modify the apps on your iOS device. The new modified versions of the apps appear on the Home screen beside the original version, and you can then either delete the original version or keep both. The modified apps are denoted by a ‘+‘ symbol beside them.


What it is actually doing is building a new stock app but with the modifications added so, when you download it, you don’t replace the original app. You download a new modified app that runs side by side with the original one, giving you the choice of whether to use the stock or the modified app. Clever stuff. The only thing you will find is that, because the iOS is not touched in the same way as jailbreaking, the tweaks and modifications are not as deep as those found in Cydia. However, they do give your stock apps more functionality than Apple does.


Download Extensify with Safari

  1. The only work on Safar browser so open it on your iOS device ios 9 safari iphone 6 plus
  2. In the address bar input this URL downloadextensify.com download extensify2
  3. When the page loads, go to the bottom and tap on the UP arrow extensify download
  4. Next select Add to Home Page download extensify0
  5. Name your icon Extensify and tap on Add download extensify1
  6. Safari will now add the app icon to your home page extensify app on ios 9 homescreen

Video : Here is a video tutorial for the above process

You can also head over to the Extensify website and sign up for the chance to be added to a closed group of users [ Read Extensify Beta – ext link ] who will test the app. Extensify is an excellent filler between jailbreaks and is also ideal for those who don’t want to jailbreak but want some extra features on their stock apps.

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