Error after TaiG Jailbreak

If you updated to iOS 8.x.x then you would have been surprised by the release of the untethered jailbreak by Taig. Many jailbreakers will already have installed the jailbreak but for some, it is already starting to cause problems. The new jailbreak fully supports all devices that will run on iOS 8.x.x but a number of users have already complained that, despite having a supported device, they are unable to use the jailbreak and have encountered an error screen. The most likely causes for the error are :

TaiG Jailbreak Problems :


  1. You don’t have iTunes
  2. You haven’t disabled your passcode or Touch ID
  3. You haven’t disabled Find my iPhone
  4. Your PC internet connection is not on or has disconnected

Here is a list of Taig Errors :

  1. Taig Stuck at 20% – 60% 
  2. Apple Driver Error
  3. Cant Find Apple Driver – Taig Error
  4. Stuck at 30% – Taig Error

Fix TaiG Problems :

This tells you exactly what you need to do to ensure you can install Taig and get rid of the error screen and here’s how to do it .

  • Find my iPhone – open Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone. You will need to enter your Apple ID and password before you can disable the feature.
  • Touch ID – if present on your device – open Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Scroll down the screen and tap on Use Touch ID For. Now tap on iPhone Unlock to disable it
  • Passcode – open Settings > Touch ID and Passcode or Settings>Passcode if your device doesn’t have Touch ID, and tap on Turn Passcode Off to disable it.

taig 8.3 jailbreak success

Make sure your computer has a working internet connection and you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC before trying to install the jailbreak. You can check on your iTunes version by:

  1. Opening iTunes
  2. Click on the Help menu
  3. Click on Check for Updates and iTunes will detect the version you are running. If a new version is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install it itunes update iphone

You should also make sure that you either update or restore your device to iOS 8.1.1 using iTunes and not OTA as this will interfere with the jailbreak. If you’ve done all that, you can install Taig jailbreak.

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  1. Was worried I would not be able to install apps I had installed with Pangu, but after doing update in iTunes to 8.1 ios on my iPad and installing taig jailbreak everything worked just fine.

  2. taiG doesn’t work, by far the worst jailbreak ever, it can not jailbreak my iPhone 6plus or my iPad air, it’s jest getting stuck on 30%, please Americans come up with a better jailbreak, one that really works!! taiG is garbage!!

  3. i have antoher problem the taiG jailbreak tool give me an error it says “Apple driver anomaly” i checked the website of the tool but it’s in chinesse :/ also i don’t understrand anything please help me

  4. The error come for version in iTunes. The good version is iTunes 12.0.1. I had the same problem and I solved installing this version

    1. Haha .I reckon it’s since of the tseesrs with the intention of it’s legit .with the intention of and the T-Mobile sim did it pro me. Keep pro unattractively beilvee it when it’s experience next to my iPhone with I’ve either seen the gentleman dependability it pro me trade show me his effective iPhone (ideally let me place my sim stylish it to ordeal) before the software unlock is void stylish which explanation unattractively gladly taste it (with all with the intention of’s what the renovate button is pro stylish iTunes).It’s everlastingly pun with the intention of when a name is trying to verify something is real’ stylish a record, they deal with to mishandle the camera only ample to stylish the aim cast skepticism next to it. Approve of a damn support!

  5. after doing jb to my iphone 5s with ios 8.2 now sometimes when I unlock the phone it doesnt work when i touch the screen, need to lock it and unlock again. i made a system restore and it solved it but now cydia doesnt work, please help me

  6. taig sucks so bad. spent over an hour downloading the latest itunes, made sure I had the right version of taig, disabled all of the right things, made sure my phone was connected, but it kept saying I had to download itunes. worst jailbreak ever

  7. I’m still getting error “Apple driver hasn’t been found Please download and install iTunes” even after downloading latest version. Please give me solution.

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