TaiG is the Most Error Free Jailbreak Ever

Recently the jailbreak community was given a bit of a surprise in the form of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 from a new team called TaiG. When Apple patched the Pangu 8 jailbreak with iOS 8.1.1, we didn’t expect to see another jailbreak until iOS 8.2 at the earliest. However, TaiG team clearly thought differently and have produced what might be one of the cleanest jailbreaks yet.

Image : TaiG 99% Error Free

taig jailbreak downloading

When a jailbreaking tool is released, we expect it to be a little buggy, to cause a few problems but, as a rule, the developers fix these bugs with updates to their utility on a rolling basis. It doesn’t matter which team releases the tool, things never run as smooth as they possibly could. Not so this time.

It would appear that TaiG team have gone several steps ahead and have produced what looks to be an almost flawless jailbreak. The sheer lack of complaints and reports is testament to just how clean the jailbreak utility is. In fact, there has been just one minor update to the utility so far and the only real problem reported is from people who cannot use the tool.

This, however, seems to be down to not following the instructions for the jailbreak – several features need to be disabled on your device first and you do need to have iTunes, whether you use it or not, and a working internet connection.

TaiG is capable of jailbreaking iOS 8 through to the iOS 8.1.1 but can only be used on a Windows platform. However, there is a workaround for Mac users while we wait for the official version.

Have you used TaiG to jailbreak and have you encountered any problems?

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