Jailbreaking isn’t what it used to be, indeed, we could be forgiven for thinking that we have stepped back through time to when jailbreaking first began. Instead of having more jailbreaks than we could possibly use, iOS 10 saw a huge reduction and those that were released were only for a select group of users. Much of the jailbreak community has been left without access to Cydia [ext link] and, because there doesn’t seem to be any positive news right now, we have been forced to look elsewhere for our tweaks and apps.

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A series of app installers has been released, with Emus4U [ ext link ] being the most recent one. It is full of features that give it a chance of being a great alternative to Cydia, with loads of emulators, modified and tweaked apps and all that app store content for free. You don’t need to jailbreak to install Emus4U and we will be showing you how to install it on your iPhone or iPad, after we look at some of the top features.

Emus4U Features :

  • Supports all iOS devices and all iOS versions
  • Top-class customer service
  • Easy to download and install 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lots of options for customization
  • Updated regularly with new content
  • Plenty of emulators to choose from
  • Screen recorder built in
  • Cleaner built in to get rid of temporary and junk files
  • Choose from several themes
  • No need to jailbreak

No Jailbreak Needed :

The reasons why jailbreaking has been so tough in recent months are varied. Partly it is likely to be that Apple as finally carried out their promise, if not to stop it altogether, but to make jailbreaking much harder to do. It seems to have been successful because we went from a food of jailbreaks to a slow trickle almost immediately. Another reason could be that the developers are stepping back from building jailbreak utilities. The only one to step forward with iOS 10 was Luca Todesco, with Yalu jailbreak; Tag, PP and Pangu all seem to have disappeared and Todesco himself is now no longer working on public jailbreaks.

While app installers like Emus4U can never replace Cydia entirely, they do offer a reasonable amount of content for us to use.

Download Emus4U :

You can’t get Emus4U from the app store but it is easy to install so follow the instructions at the post linked below:

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