What Cydia God Saurik is saying about TaiG

It’s always interesting to watch when a new iOS firmware lands on our doorsteps, especially in the jailbreak community, and it’s even more interesting when a new jailbreak arrives, especially from an unknown source. No one is quite sure if it’s real or if they can trust it and uptake is generally very slow to start with.

Image : TaiG Jailbreak Safe and reliable for iOS 8

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That has happened with the Taig jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 , released unexpectedly last week from an unknown quarter. Nothing was known about Taig and once it was proven to work, the question arose as to how safe it was. Well known developer Musclenerd checked it out and declared it safe but some wanted even more reassurance than that.

Creator of Cydia, Saurik, had remained oddly silent which unnerved some people but, although he has some questions that he wants answers to, he has looked at the jailbreak and has given his opinion on it. He does say, however, that he probably isn’t the best person to determine the safety of a jailbreak.

However, he did take a look at has determined that the team, whoever they are, are not using an official Cydia bootstrap, instead using one that appears to be a bit broken. The jailbreak claims to have system-cmds installed but is missing a vital part – /sbin/reboot. He said that he would be happier if the team were more upfront about who they were and/or whom they were affiliated with.

It does appear that some of the team are connected with Kuaiyong, which is owned by Qihoo 360, and it also appears that these are the same team who were associated with the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak last year, when the issue of piracy in the jailbreak arose.

Download TaiG :

Here are the links and tutorials for TaiG Download and Jaibreak with step by step instructions

He says that the jailbreak is most likely safe but he wants to know about the people behind it. He also said that developers such as Musclenerd and iH8sn0w were better qualified to comment on the trust and safety issues.

What do you think ? Safe or not ?

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