The History Behind Cydia

For the last 6 years, one name has dominated the Apple community. Cydia was first released as an open source alternative to the installer app that was made available on the first version of iOS in February 2008. In fact, it would be fair to say that Cydia was the very first app store for iOS users, even if you did have to jailbreak to use it, because Apple’s App store did not arrive on the scene until July of the same year.

Image : Cydia iOS 8 History

cydia meaning

Cydia was released and is wholly owned by well-known developer Jay Freeman, otherwise known as Saurik. But why did he call his app store Cydia ? The Cydia pomonella, or codling moth, is a caterpillar type of pest that causes huge problems for fruit farmers, particularly apples, borrowing into the fruit and ruining it. Often known as “the worm in the apple” it’s easy to see why Freeman chose the name.

Cydia is responsible for holing all the tweaks, themes, apps and mods that we use to customize our devices, above and beyond what the Cupertino Company allows. Cydia is the reason we jailbreak and is currently used by millions of iOS device owners across the world. Ever since the very first iOS was released, Apple and the jailbreak community has engaged in a long-standing battle, one that goes on to this day.

Indeed, this year, both the jailbreak developers and Saurik have acquitted themselves admirably, bringing out jailbreaks and updates much quicker than ever before. iOS 8 was jailbroken within 5 weeks by Pangu, followed by a number of high-profile updates to Cydia and a brand new team appeared with iOS 8.1.1, by the name of Taig keeping both jailbreaking and Cydia well and truly alive.

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