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Gone are the days when iOS users had to do all the jailbreaking on Windows. While it was okay for those who used Windows primarily, it caused an irritating hassle to the Mac users who did not have a Windows PC and hence had to use Windows emulators to run the jailbreak tool.

Image : Taig Jailbreak ver 1.1.0 for Mac

taig v 1.1.0 jailbreak mac

However, it all changed when the PP team released the PP iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Tool for Mac and thus gave some relief to the Mac users. However, as we all know, the jailbreak community has been divided between the fans of PP and TaiG respectively, and the TaiG fans do not trust the PP jailbreak tool at all. So for such people, it was a shock that TaiG did not provide support for Mac while the PP jailbreak, which was evidently walking on the path of TaiG’s jailbreak, was available on Mac.

TaiG was obviously listening to all the pleas, but the team chose to keep quiet and wait for the right time to bring out a perfect jailbreak for Mac. And it was just yesterday that we received the TaiG iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Tool for Mac. It was a moment of happiness for the whole jailbreak community, as we now have two perfect jailbreaks for Windows as well Mac and nothing could be better than this.

Errors in the TaiG Tool for Mac :

However, it looks like TaiG, unlike PP, has a habit of releasing imperfect tools and then releasing updates to fix all the remaining errors and issues. Many users have reported a few problems with the new TaiG tool for Mac, the most prominent of them being the blank screen issue [image below] when trying to jailbreaking with the new tool.

os-x-10 (1)


So if you are facing a similar issue, then there is a solution for it. TaiG updated its jailbreak tool for Mac today to version 1.1.0 in order to fix the blank screen issue.

TaiG 1.1.0 Jailbreak Tool for Mac – Fixed Blank Screen Issue

While jailbreaking with the initial version of the TaiG tool for Mac, many users reported that the screen went blank during the jailbreak.

TaiG 1.1.0 for Mac has solved this problem. The TaiG team has also mentioned in the new change log that only the blank screen issue has been resolved. So in case you are having any other issue with the TaiG tool on Mac, you will have to wait for further updates.

Download Link :

After downloading the tool from the above link, you can follow the step-by-step jailbreaking tutorial to jailbreak your iOS device.



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