When you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you get access to Cydia which comes full of apps and tweaks already there in a number of sources that are included. However, sometimes, you may come across a great tweak or app that isn’t in one of these pre-installed repos and you will want to add it yourself; that involves adding a new repo to Cydia and one of the most added is AppVV. This is because it has the popular app installer, vShare in it and that is how we get access to all the paid content .

Image : AppVV Repo Download

What is AppVV ?

AppVV [ext link] is a popular repo one that has been added to Cydia many thousands of times since it began in 2011. It is the only way to get vShare on Cydia and, as a source is fully monitored by an active community. This community provides a great forum to help users and is responsible for keeping vShare and AppVV up to date with the very latest and best content. vShare is the place to go to get the best-selling apps and games from the iOS app store without having to pay for them.

Downloading AppVV Repo :

There is only one way to get AppVV repo and that is by adding it directly into Cydia. Many people think that you can get repos and sources alike AppVV and vShare via the iOS app store but these are things that Apple will not allow into the store because they don’t meet their security requirements. However, they are safe and you can find the download instructions in the links below.

Fixing AppVV Errors :

If you are one of the unlucky ones that come up against an error while you are trying to add the AppVV repo, rest assured that you can easily fix them. See the articles below for more information on error fixes but, if you find that the error won’t go away, you should simply remove AppVV and add it again.

Disclaimer :

Please be responsible in your use of AppVV and, if you find content that you like, please buy it through the proper channels.

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