How to Install Apple Watch Screensaver on Mac

We all love our Mac and MacBooks, don’t we ? We do a lot to customize it to suit our taste and reflect our style and personality. Almost everybody of us spends at least some quality minutes to find the best, high-resolution wallpapers for our Mac. The same thing is applicable for screen savers too.

Image : Apple Watch ScreenSaver on Mac

apple watch screensaver mac

Screen savers are the second best thing after wallpapers and they look really cool when your Mac is not in use and is on standby. However, a good screen saver is important for complementing a good wallpaper. They do a bit of more flair to your Mac. So if you are one of the those people who like to customize these small bits and if you own an Apple Watch or if you want an Apple Watch, there is a nice little good news for you.

Mac users can now install a new, sleek Apple Watch screen saver in your Mac OS X computer. So if you think you would like to see this screensaver on your Mac or Macbook, follow the below given steps to install this awesome screen saver.

How to Install the Apple Watch Screensaver on Mac :

  1. First you need to download the Apple Watch screen saver from the website of designer Rasmus Nielsen [link] . While downloading , a dialog box may come up and ask you whether you want to use the .zip extension. You have to choose the .saver extension instead so that you will not have to unzip that file later, which will save a lot of time and effort. apple watch screensaver
  2. After the file has been downloaded, go to that .saver file, right click on it and click on Open. In case a warning comes up saying unidentified developer warning , click on Open once more to open the file. If there is no such option , then it means your mac is security locked to disable access to 3rd party apps. Bypass this lock temporarily by following this quick tutorial .  apple watch scrensaver download
  3. When you open the .saver file, it will take you in the Settings app and will ask you to install the Apple Watch screen saver. Now you need to choose your install preference and finally click on Install.  apple watch scrensaver set amc2
  4. After the screen saver has successfully been installed, you will be taken to the Screen Saver section automatically. Just choose the Apple Watch screen saver while also setting the amount of time that you want to wait before the screen saver watch scrensaver set amc1
  5. You can also click on the Preview button to see how the screen saver looks.  apple watch screensaver

This new Apple Watch screen saver is really a very cool addition to Mac and MacBook and does look better than the regular click screen saver.

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