Taig iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Update from 3K Assistant

iOS 9.2 has been released and iOS 9.2.1 is being tested already by developers and public testers. However, what the whole iOS community is really waiting for is the next jailbreak- the iOS 9.2 jailbreak. The iOS 9 jailbreak by Pangu was patched after iOS 9.1, which restarted the quest to find a jailbreak. It was being said that the Pangu team would not like to lose its position in the community and would hence release an iOS 9.2 jailbreak quickly.

Image : 3K Assistant and Taig

3k assistant

But more recently, TaiG’s involvement in the next jailbreak became public a couple of weeks ago. 3K Assistant, TaiG’s jailbreak partner, had posted an article stating that TaiG is working on the iOS 9.2 jailbreak and would release it soon. Well, the news has taken a surprising turn now, as the original post has been edited by 3K quietly and the jailbreak part has been removed without any reason.

3K claims iOS 9.2 Jailbroken ?

The original post by 3K said that iOS 9.2 had been jailbroken by 3K Assistant (with TaiG) after eight days of efforts. Though the post was in Chinese, the English translation of it gave a clear idea of what 3K wanted to say. The text said that 3K Assistant had made a breakthrough regarding the iOS 9.2 jailbreak. They said that though the jailbreak was not complete, it would soon be released for the public, and it is just a matter of time.

The edited text now has been changed and means completely different. The reworked post now suggests that 3K probably published a false news or made the announcement too early. It is also possible that 3K and TaiG have take separate paths now and are no longer partners.

iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Claims Withdrawn :

taig ios 9.2 jailbreak

The original text was edited by 3K and said that iOS 9.2 has been released since a lot of days. Jailbreak teams have been working hard to jailbreak the firmware, but no one has succeeded yet. Also, 3K Assistant asked in the modified post that jailbreakers looking forward to the iOS 9.2 jailbreak should remain patient. Any further updates on the jailbreak will be updated by 3K instantly.

So as you can see, the whole scenario has changed and has become pretty confusing. We can’t really make anything out of it and can’t really say whether 3K is trying to cover up things or is just building up the anticipation and will surprise us later. The only thing we know is that an iOS 9.2 jailbreak will surely be released, and it might be the TaiG team this time rather than the Pangu team.

Stay Tuned to iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Updates from TaiG :




  1. menurut saya iphone bukan smartphone tanpa jailbreak. Saya jenuh sekali memakainya
    iphone 5s saya biarkan di rumah tanpa saya sentuh.
    sayapun beralih ke android Jadi mohon tim taig segera merilisnya.

  2. This is not the taig team updating this site. Just a few guys helping to keep updated about taig but also pangu or any other teams working on the jailbreak planet. Support them to keep us updated but not the jailbreakers teams.

  3. Honestly no one cares! Stop writing updates informing us on nonsense!
    Just when the jailbreak works, post the download link!
    That fricken simple

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